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Faculty Drive 1800 Block

Faculty Drive 1900 Block

Faculty Drive 2000-2100 Blocks

Royall Drive, including Timberlake Lane and Poteat & Sledd Courts

Belle Vista Court and Aaron Lane

In 1955, a year before the removal of the College, the Trustees of Wake Forest College obtained from Reynolda, Inc. a tract of land, the Faculty Drive property, which they designated for sale to faculty and administration members as sites for homes (see historical notes).

Also in 1955 the College developed Aaron Lane which provided access to Belle Vista Court, a private development. Lots on Belle Vista Court were sold to faculty and administration members (see historical notes).

In 1962 the Royall Drive property was added to the south of the Faculty Drive Development, and in 1984 Wake Forest University obtained the Paschal Drive property, on which it developed blocks of condominiums (see historical notes).

Residents of these four properties have formed a Wake Forest University Property Owners Association to consider matters of mutual concern. Although many of the homes in these developments are occupied still by the original owners, in some cases the original owners have died or moved away. This is particularly true of Faculty Drive, the original development. (A provision in the deeds gives Wake Forest University first opportunity to buy at any time if one of the properties is offered for sale).

Because of these changes over time, many of the details of the early days of the development are becoming hazy. Fearing that the early history would be lost soon, the Property Owners Association decided to prepare a history of these developments. The committee charged with the preparation of this history solicited information from present owners and, as far as possible, from previous owners about dates of ownership, names of architects, builders, and the occupations of the owners (to determine relationship to WFU). In cases where owners were no longer living, or had moved, dates of ownership were obtained from records in the Office of the Reister of Deeds. Hazy memories and the inability to locate some of the owners who have moved have produced some gaps in the record. This only indcates how important it is to make the study at this time. The committee hopes that this document will be brought up to date on a regular basis in the years to come.



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