Perspectives on the History of the National Debate Tournament

"Anticipating West Point"

Herb James & Dartmouth 1960

"The West Point National Tournament"

"Remembrances: The 1947 NDT" by W. Scott Nobels

"Selected Personal History of the NDT" by George Ziegelmueller

"The 1970s" by Donn W. Parson

"NDT Debate in the 1970s" by Greg Rosenbaum and Charles Garvin

"The 1990s and the Evolution of NDT Debate" by William Southworth

"The Decade's 'Best' in Debate, (The 1970s)" by William Southworth

"The Best of the 1980s" by William Southworth

"The Best of the 1990s by William Southworth


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