MSBA BAN 6003 Intro to Programming with R




Carolina Salge MW, 3F Farrell Hall 349/351 9:30 - 10:45am 11:00 - 12:15pm By Appointment

Final Exam

Aug 20, 2 - 5pm


See schedule for the due date. The due time is 11:55pm on the due date. Submit CS1, CS2, and group assignment on Sakai under assignments.


id topic description points
DC1 intro to R master the basics with vectors, matrices, and data frames 5
DC2 vis w/ ggplot2 (p. 2) take your dataVis to the next level and learn best practices 5
DC3 web data in R learn how to efficiently import data from the web into R 5
DC4 intermediate R become an R ninja with if-else statements, iteration, and functions 5
DC5 corr/regression describe relationships between two numerical quantities 5
CS1 explore/ wrangle TBA 15
CS2 program/ model TBA 15

To complete the required dataCamp courses (DC1-DC5) you will need to:

  • sign up for an account using your full name and your Wake Forest e-mail address
  • join the BAN 6003 Summer 2019 team using this invite link. Joining the team allows me to track your progress

Extra credit opportunity: you may also complete up to two additional R courses (by Aug 20 at 11:55pm) for 1 extra credit point (o.5 per course), added to your final grade— for example, if you have a 89 in the course but complete (on time) the machine learning in the tidyverse and writing efficient R code courses I will raise your grade to a 90. Before starting any non-required course(s) for extra credit consult the appropriateness of such course(s) with the instructor.


Identify a problem, use R to explore data related to the problem, and prepare a report of your analysis along with related recommendations. Consider Kaggle competitions.