Perspectives on the Future of the National Debate Tournament
The following articles are reprinted with the permission from the 51st National Debate Tournament Booklet

"An Introduction to the Next Half Century" by Brett M. O'Donnell, Liberty University

"Looking Backward to Look Forward" by Karla Leeper, Baylor University

"The National Debate Tournament: W(h)ither the NDT?" by Donn W. Parson, University of Kansas

"Debate in Cyberspace" by William Southworth, Redlands University

"A Reflection on the Future of the NDT" by Melissa Maxy Wade, Emory University

"A Retrospective Prospective on the NDT: "Good Days" Ahead" by Allan Louden, Wake Forest University

"The Future of the National Debate Tournament" by John T. Morello, Mary Washington College

"Practicing What We Preach: Creating Diversity in NDT Debate" by Rebecca Bjork, University of Utah
"A Vision for the Future: Collegiate Debate in the Twenty-First Century" by Ede Warner, University of Louisville

"Policy Debate and the Academe" by Dale A. Herbeck, Boston College