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An information page concerning the upcoming on-campus tournament has been added. Check this page for all future updates in the coming month. Note that registration has been closed with 42 total registrants..


Invitations are open to all students to participate in the 1st annual Trivia Tournament sponsored by the WFU Quiz Bowl Team and the SAF fund. The stakes are high---a $1000 prize to the first place team and $500 to the second place team. If either the competition or the prizes peak your interest, then mark down the following dates and start recruiting a team now (1-4 people)!
Monday, March 23rd
8:00-10:00 PM   in Annenberg Forum (Carswell 111) & Carswell 118
Tuesday, March 24th
5:00-10:00 PM   in Benson 401 A and Benson 401 C
Wednesday, March 25th
5:00-6:00 PM in Pugh Auditorium (finals)

Note to those concerned about the time commitment: based on how the matches are scheduled the time commitment need be no more than a few hours total over the three days! We will make every effort to schedule matches as close together and conveniently as possible.

If you’ve never played quiz bowl, NAQT, or college bowl before, think something like Jeopardy, but with more teamwork.

Why are we doing this? To bring together students and faculty in a setting outside of the classroom and in the spirit of friendly competition. For faculty, it represents the additional bonus of the opportunity to be crowned the most trivia-apt department of them all. For students, there’s a hefty cash prize.

While we encourage registration of teams based around student-groups, feel free to form a team based with anyone you like. Teams can be 1-4 members. Note though that regisration is limited, so the earlier you send in the form the more likely we will have room for you to compete!

If this sounds exciting to you, please send this registration form to willdr5@wfu.edu; A tournament like this has never been tried here at Wake Forest. I hope you can help us make it a success.


Ross Williford
WFU Quiz Bowl

PS: We will also be holding a tournament for faculty and staff, which I hope some of you will also be interested in watching.

The following teams have registered so far:
Classical Languages Dept.
Comm/Math/Poli Sci Trifecta
Computer Science Dept.
Economics Dept.
History Dept.
Political Science Dept.
Psychology Dept.
Facilities Management
Information Systems
Residence Life and Housing
Provost's Office
VP Zick's Office
ZSR Library

The faculty tournament will take place on
Wednesday, March 18th
5:00-7:30 PM   in Benson 401A & Benson 409
Monday, March 23rd
5:00-7:30 PM   in Annenberg Forum (Carswell 111) & Carswell 118


Wake Forest QB is happy to announce the first annual Campus-Wide Trivia Competion, to be held in Benson on March 18, 23-5. Details coming soon!


Wake Forest QB is happy to announce that we'll be hosting Headmaster Thursby's Cornish Game Hen Extravaganza on October 11th. The fee structure will be as follows:

$100 base fee per team
-$5 per working buzzer system
-$10 per full-time moderator/scorekeeper
-$10 per 200 miles traveled
Minimum fee per team: $60

This is a non-packet submission tournament, and very accessible, and a lot of fun for seasoned players and beginners alike, so we hope to see a big turnout. If you have questions or want to go ahead and register, email (Jacob Bathanti) at -- bathjj5 AT wfu DOT edu --

So if you're interested in attending the tournament, contact bathjj5@wfu.edu as soon as possible!

See http://www.hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6194 for the most up-to-date info on this tournament.

About us:

The Wake Forest Quiz Bowl teams travels to tournaments at other universities (about 4 per year) and holds biweekly practices. We also occasionally host our own intercollegiate and high school tournaments. The subject matter of quiz bowl is academic with questions from the fields of history, literature, science, fine arts, social sciences and the like.

Practices: Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 in Carswell 118. 

Interested in attending a practice? Contact:

Jacob Bathanti--President

Ross Williford--Treasurer

Professor Whaples-- Coach/Faculty Advisor

for more details. 

Still not sure if you're interested? Take a look at this Sample Packet of Questionsto see what College Quiz Bowl is all about--the competition.