'09 On Campus Trivia Challenge

1. General Info
2. Dates and Locations
3. Rules
4. Sign Up!
5. Brackets and Results

1. General Info

The Wake Forest Quiz Bowl team is proud to be hosting the 1st annual Campus Academic Trivia Tournament (many thanks to our sponsors at the SAF fund)! The stakes are high---a $1000 cash prize to the first place team and $500 to the second place team.   The tournament will be organized with a simple bracket-style setup (i.e. something like you’d see with NCAA basketball (i.e. predefined--though initially randomized--matchups). Even if you don't compete, come watch a few matches (or tell your friends to watch yours)--Any and all spectators are encouraged!

Time commitment?
Based on how the matches are scheduled the time commitment will be no more than a few hours total over the two days (faculty) and three days (students)! For students, the exact time commitment depends on how many teams sign up, but assuming something around 32 teams, and ~30 minutes per match, you would at most need to play 5 matches, which would be ~2.5 hours. Faculty can expect a time commitment close to 2 hours. In both cases, of course, the full time commitment would be realized only if a team makes it to the final round. Schedules will obviously be spread throughout the three (two, for faculty) days, but we will schedule matches as close together as possible.  

What is it?
If you’ve never played quiz bowl, NAQT, or college bowl before, think something like Jeopardy, but with more teamwork and a more academic focus.

Why are we doing this?
To bring together students and faculty in a setting outside of the classroom and in the spirit of friendly competition. For faculty, there is the bonus of claiming the crown for most trivia-apt department. For students, there’s a hefty cash prize.

2. Dates and Locations

Faculty Division:
Wednesday, March 18th
5:00-7:30 PM   in Benson 401A & Benson 409
Monday, March 23rd
5:00-7:30 PM   in Annenberg Forum (Carswell 111), Carswell 102 & Detamble Auditorium
Wednesday, March 25th
5:00-6:00 PM in Benson 401A

Student Division
Monday, March 23rd
7:00-9:30 PM   in Annenberg Forum (Carswell 111), Carswell 102 & Detamble Auditorium
Tuesday, March 24th
5:00-9:30 PM   in Benson 401 A, Benson 401 C& Detamble Auditorium
Wednesday, March 25th
5:00-6:00 PM in Pugh Auditorium (finals)

Student Faculty Match of Champions + Awards Ceremony
Wednesday, March 25th
6:00 PM in Pugh Auditorium

3. Rules

--Show up on time! If a team shows up more than five minutes late (or doesn’t show at all), they will automatically forfeit a match. This is not meant to be punitive, but simply because it is very important that we stick to our schedule.
--Matches will be 20 minutes long, with two brief timeouts allowed for substitutions or score checks. The clock will stop for any disputes or challenges. Thus, the number of questions you hear will vary depending on the length of the questions and the speed of your question reader. The score will be on display throughout the match, but will be announced halfway through. Players may request a scorecheck during a timeout period though.
--A match is composed of a series of question pairs—tossups and bonuses. To begin a match, a tossup question is read. No consultation is allowed on these questions. If a player knows the answer, he must buzz in and give the answer within 5 seconds. If he buzzes in before the question reader finishes the question and guesses incorrectly, there is a 5 point penalty. A correct answer is worth 10 points. When a tossup is answered correctly, that team will be given a multi-part bonus question worth a total of 30 points. A team will be given 5 seconds to discuss and answer each part of the question. If that team misses any part of that question, the opposing team will be given a chance to answer it for ½ the point value. After a bonus question, the next tossup is read, and the process repeats.
--At the end of 20 minutes, the team with the most points will advance to the next round. The losing team will be eliminated.
---The more questions we get through as readers in the match, the better and fairer the match is. Thus, because of the timed nature of these matches, we are going to more strictly reforce the rules against rereading parts or the entirety of various questions. If you have diffculty hearing or the question reader is not speaking clearly or slowly enough, let us know and we'll try to correct the problem; but we will be making an effort to avoid repeating things so as to keep the matches speeding along!
--Challenges: If you think that a question is flawed or that your answer is the correct one, you may challenge that question. The match will continue with the challenge noted. At the end of the match, if it turns out that the number of points represented by the challenge would affect the outcome of the match, the challenge will be decided on by the tournament director in consultation with others.
---Timeouts--You are allowed to take a couple of timeouts during a game either to make substitutions, ask the score, or make a challenge. This will stop the game clock running.
---Bouncebacks---Bouncebacks or 'steals' are in operation when a team misses part of a bonus question. The other team has a chance to steal half of the point value of the question if the original team doesn't know. Note that the next part of the bonus goes back to the original team--it does not go to the team that just 'stole' the points unless the original team misses the second part again. Because a team that has a chance for a 'steal' has already had ample time to think about the question, they may not be given as much time by the moderator to come up with a 'steal'  answer.
---Buzzing in early: Remember that if you buzz in early and miss a question, it means a five point penalty for your team. At this point, the other team may either buzz in early or wait for the question to be read. Regardless of whether they miss the question (even if they buzzed in early), they will not have points deducted from their score for that question
--For all other questions of rules, we will be following the guidelines found here http://www.naqt.com/rules.html 

4. Sign Up!

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