Results of Past Tournaments

Tournaments We've Hosted:


1. October 11, 2008--EFT III, entitled: Headmaster Thursby's Cornish Game Hen Extravanganza: Preliminary Results; Results after Reshuffle; Full Results

2. March 18, 23-25, 2008--First Annual Campus-Wide Tournament
Results to be posted at the conclusion of the final round.

Tournaments We've Travelled to:


1. November 8, 2008--ACF Fall Mid-Atlantic--VCU: Results

2. February 7, 2009--NAQT East Sectionals--W&M: Results DII


1. October 6, 2008--Early Fall Tournament II, under the title of Hieronymus BOSCH Appreciation Day--W&M: Results

2. January 26, 2008--Sword Bowl--@UTC-Chattanooga: Results

3. February 9, 2008--NAQT Sectionals--@Virginia Tech: Results

4. March 1, 2008--Marvin Lee Aday Open--@UNC: Results

5. April 11-12, 2008--NAQT Intercollegiate Championship--@Wash U: Results