Eating at and near Wake Forest

On Campus

"The Pit"--buffet, costs about 8 bucks for lunch. Should never be crowded on weekends. Half-decent, but a bit pricey. As you leave the front entrance of Carswell, look right. It's on the first floor of the large building at the far end of the quadrangle.

Benson University Center--As you leave the front entrance of Carswell, it's on the opposite end of the quadrangle. The dining area is on the same level as the quad, so you will only need to hop up three or so steps to reach it. A la carte with some decent options.

Subway--Located on the main quad on the lower left side by the Wachovia bank. It's a subway, more or less full-featured.


1. Drive past the tennis courts/Law School to get to University Pkwy.

There are decent food options in either direction.

Left--Mexican (El Sombrero), Deli (Rose's Deli), Taco Bell, Burger King, Cook Out, Jersey Mike's, etc.

Right--IHOP, Cactus Jack's, etc.. Continue on about 5-7 minutes if you want to explore downtown, where you'll find more upscale fare (Downtown Thai, Mellow Mushroom, etc.)

2. Take a left onto Polo Rd. Continue a minute or two. Take a right onto Reynolda Rd. Here you'll find Mexican (Tequila's), Wendy's, Thai, Cici's Pizza (very cheap), Wings-to-go, etc.