Subject: Minutes of Meeting

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:20:41 EST

From: "Dr. Jon Young"

Organization: Fayetteville State University To: North Carolina Religious Studies Association Minutes October 1, 1999 The North Carolina Religious Studies Association held its annual meeting on Friday, October 1, 1999 at Wake Forest University. The Business Meeting was called to order by P. Eddy Wilson, president of the association.

The association approved resolutions of appreciation to P. Eddy Wilson (Shaw University) for his service as President and to John Collins (Wake Forest University) for serving as Vice President and Program Chair. The association also approved resolutions of appreciation to Charles Kimball, Chair of the Department of Religion and to Bill Leonard, Dean of the Wake Forest School of Divinity for hosting the meeting, and to Beth Boyd and Katie Bond for technical assistance. The minutes for the meeting of 1998 and the treasurer's report were accepted by the association.

The association voted unanimously to approve each of the following for 1999-2000: John Collins will serve as President; Joe Frank Jones (Barton College) will serve as Vice President and Program Chair; Gregory Rich (Fayetteville State University) will serve as Secretary-Treasurer (until 2003). John Collins agreed to continue to maintain the association's web site for another year. The site of the 2000 meeting, to be held on Friday, October 6, will be determined by Joe Frank Jones. The Religion Department of UNC-Chapel Hill will be asked to host the meeting. If UNC-CH is unable to host next year's meeting, Barton College will host it. Tom Davis (Appalachian State University) agreed to establish and maintain a listserve for the association.

Members of the association also agreed on the following process for publishing conference papers on-line: John Collins will send at least one paper to each member of the Editorial Board who will send their comments back to John Collins who will then share the comments with each author. This process is designed to ensure that the reviews are blind reviews so that the journal can meet the requirements to be considered a peer-reviewed journal. The papers will be published on-line under the title: "Thinking about Religion: The Journal of the North Carolina Religious Studies Association."

The business meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Young