Volunteers and D.E.S.K. supporters are encouraged to purchase this year’s D.E.S.K. t-shirt to help raise funds to support the event.  T-shirts may be pre-ordered online for a reduced cost of $12, or may be purchased during a D.E.S.K. t-shirt sale for $15.  Pre-ordered shirts must be paid for online using PayPal, while shirts purchased at one of the t-shirt sales can only be paid for with cash, check, or Deacon Dollars.  If you choose to pre-order a shirt, please be sure to fill out the pre-order form by Friday, March 28th. 

Click here to view t-shirt proof.

To order and pay using Deacon Dollars, please send your name, Deacon Card number, e-mail address, phone number, and shirt size to deskshirts@gmail.com.

If you would like to pay through PayPal, please fill out the form below.