JP Lacy, Debate Coach

A former Assistant Coach, JP reached the elimination rounds of the NDT as a debater, directed teams to the eliminations at the NDT and coached a CEDA National Champion team at Whitman College.


Alex Lamballe, Interim Debate Coach


2011-2012 Assistant Coaches

Brendon Bankey, Trinity University

Cat Duffy, Michigan State

Logan Gramzinsky, Samford University

Mikaela Malsin, Emory University

Martin Osborn, Missouri State

Sean Slattery, Mary Washington

Aaron Swanlek, Clarion University

Chris Thomas, UTSA

Virginia Bannigan Administrative Assistant

Virginia debated at Northwestern and UNC-CH. She has been working with Wake Debate for seven years and is raising four cute kids, all the while keeping financial integrity and working as administrative director of the Summer Workshops.