Fortunately, Wake Forest has a generous financial aid program and a number of academic and debate scholarships. The University will meet any need as determined by the FAFSA/FAF. Many of our debaters have Presidential, Carswell, Reynolds, and other academic scholarships. The "typical" Carswell scholar has SATs of above 1450, and is the top 1.5 percent of their class . We will be happy to discuss these and other scholarships with you. Applications can be obtained from Admissions (links below).

As any good guidance counselor would tell you, the best strategy in choosing a college is not to count any college out on the basis of cost. You can only know the true cost after you have applied for aid and scholarships. Then, you can compare what different schools cost you as opposed to an "average" student.

Finally, we should note that nothing worth having is without cost. We know that the mix of academic and debate opportunities at Wake Forest is unique. The efforts of our current and former students demonstrate that it's worth it.

Scholarship Information Below

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General Scholarship Aid

65% of Wake undergraduate students receive some financial aid.

Wake has the full range of financial aid (standard FAFSA/FAF packet required, February 1), Financial Info. homepage

Franklin R. Shirley Debate Scholarship
$1000/Yr. Awarded on the basis of debate experience, accomplishments, and ability. Renewable
**Typically Determined in May but variable
Presidential Scholarship

$11,200 renewable scholarship which recognizes special talentsDebate is one of the Scholarship categories.

**Application deadline is December 1, On line application form

Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship
These special awards cover all expenses associated with attending college, plus stipend; They are based on Scholarship, achievement, and personal interviews.
** Application deadline is December 1 - On line application form
Carswell Scholarship
$11,200 (minimum) renewable, can continue as full tuition at Wake Forest Law school
**Application deadline is January 1 - On line application form
Joseph S. Gordon Scholarship
Provides partial to full tuition recognizing achievement among members of constituents historically underrepresented students at Wake Forest
** Application deadline is January 1 - On line application form
Other Wake Scholarships
Several Listed with qualification standards

application dates vary
Need Based Scholarships