The National Debate-In
Debates on the issues surrounding September 11th and its aftermath

Keynote Address: "When Intercollegiate Debate was Subversive" Robert P. Newman, Emeritus Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
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"In a crisis, when the stakes are so high, it is especially important to pursue exactly the sort of analysis that debate teaches. When we are dealing with lives, with enormous economic stakes, it is so important that there be open debate of alternatives. That is the best way of preventing tragic mistakes. Dissent is never disloyal. Debating something is one of the most patriotic things we can do. One mistake that has often been made in the past is to equate those who want to question and challenge with those who are disloyal. That is just wrong. So I think that by debating, we send one of the best messages we can about how we should go about making decisions as a society and what it is we are really fighting for."--Erwin Chemerinsky, Sydney M. Irmas Professor of Public Interest Law, Legal Ethics and Political Science at the University of Southern California School of Law

"If ever there is a time when critical thinking and debate should be especially valued, it¹s in a time of crisis. Patriotism and unity are very important values. But even more important is informed judgment that is the product of critical discussion and debate. It¹s important that we understand what we are united about and why. It¹s important that we not allow our patriotism to mislead or misdirect us. And we must remember that the civilization and society we struggle to preserve is precisely a society that values critical thinking, reasoned advocacy, discussion, and debate. I am tremendously encouraged by the fact that the best debate students in the U.S. are devoting their energies and resources to this project and that the public is being invited in as well."--David Zarefsky, John Evans Professor of Speech and Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University; former Dean of the School of Speech at Northwestern

Special Thanks to Debate-In Planning Committe & Sponsors

Will Baker, New York University
Trace Johnson, Entrepreneur, Chicago
Gordon Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh
Alexander T.J. Lennon, Editor-in-Chief, The Washington Quarterly
Bill Newnam, Emory University
Tim O'Donnell, Mary Washington College
Brian Prestes, US Circuit Court, Boston, MA
Scott Segal, Bracewell & Patterson, LLP, Washington, DC
Paul Skiermont, Federal Appellate Court, Nebraska
Ross Smith, Wake Forest University, architect of Debate-In 2001
Paul Escott, Dean of the College, Edwin Wilson, Senior Vice President, Sandra Boyette, Vice President, University Advancement
Wake Forest University Debate Squad, Staff and Debaters
Department of Communication, Faculty and Staff, Randal Rogan, Chair,
Media Relations Office, Sarah Smith

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