Theory Articles from the WFU Debater's Research Guide

Debate theory is an unfolding, collaborative process. The following DRG articles, from 1978 to the present, provide debaters and coaches insights to current theory and a "history" of modern theoretical evolution. Many of the "dated" article, however, read as if written to contemporary debaters.
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Additional Articles on Debate Pedagogy
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2007 - Policy Cures? Health Assistance to Africa
Editors: Ross K. Smith, Stefan Bauschard, Jean-Paul Lacy
Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, Seungwon Chung, Doowan Chung, Brian Delong, , Sherry Hall,
Casey Harrigan, Alex Lamballe, Joe Packer, Patrick Waldinger

The Scope of Negative Fiat and the Logic of Decision Making, L. Paul Strait & Brett Wallace
Getting out of the Cards and into the Arguments: Strategies for Refutation, Jim Lyle
Topicality Analysis, Stefan Bauschard

2006 - National Service Policy: Help Wanted?
Editors: Stefan Bauschard, Jean-Paul Lacy, Ross Smith
Researchers: Blake Abbott, Adrienne Brovero, Seungwon Chung, Brad Hall,
Paul Johnson, Alex Lamballe, Rohit Nath, Patrick Waldinger

Acting on Activism, Alan Coverstone
The Values of National Service, Stefan Bauschard
The 2006-20087 Resolution: Origins and Potential Meanings, Stefan Bauschard

2005 - Patriot Powers: Without Cause or Charge
Editors: Stefan Bauschard, Jean-Paul Lacy, Ross Smith
Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, Jamie Carroll, Jonah Feldman, Liz Gedmark, Adam Garen, Brad Hall, Sherry Hall,
Paul Johnson, Naveen Ramachandrapa, Christian Sedelmyer, Patrick Waldinger

Preparation, Practice and Performance: the Art of the Debate Speech, Tim O'Donnell
McLuhan and Debate: A Welcoming, Jim Lyle
Topicality on Detention and Search Topic, Stefan Bauschard

2004 - Blue Helmet Blues: United Nations Peacekeeping and the United States
Editors: Stefan Bauschard & Jean-Paul Lacy
Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, Patrick Waldinger, Sam Maurer Patrick Barnes

And the Twain Shall Meet: Affirmative Framework Choice and the Future of Debate, Tim O'Donnell
Reviving Reasonability: Affirmative Topicality in the "Negative Age" Andrew B. Ryan
Topicality Issue on the Peacekeeping Topic Stefan Bauschard

2003 - Oceans Policy Adrift
Editors: Stefan Bausachard & Jean-Paul Lacy
Researchers: Jarrod Atchison, Adrienne Brovero, Daryl Burch, Rebecca Eaton, Casey Kelly, Jim Lyle, Patrick Speice

Traditional Policy Debate: Now More Than Ever, Patrick Speice & Jim Lyle
Moral Absolutism and Moral Exhibitionism, Eric Truett
Taking Advantage of the World Wide Web to Improve Debate, Stefan Bauschard
Oceans Policy Topicality, Daryl Burch and Jean-Paul Lacy

2002 - Mental Health Policies: Escape from Bedlam?
Editors: Stefan Bauschard & Jean Paul Lacy, Theory by Roger Solt & Ross Smith
Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, Justin Green, Casey Kelly, Tim O'Donnell, Patrick Speice

Theory as a Voting Issue: The Crime of Punishment, Roger E. Solt
The Disposition of Counterplans and Permutations: The Case for Logical, Limited Conditionality, Roger E. Solt
Comments on Performance, Ross K. Smith

2001 - WMD Policy : Limited Use or Useless Limits?
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith, Editorial Assistant, Mark Yopp
Researchers:Stefan Bauschard, Adrienne Brovero, Christopher DeVault, Justin Green, Aaron Kall, Casey Kelly,
Wesley Lotz, James Lyle, Jason Mika, Patrick Speice, Eric Truett, Danielle Wiese

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kritik, Eric Truett
Cross-Ex Flex Time in Jurassic Park: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Stefan Bauschard & Timothy M. O'Donnell
Mining the Internet for Evidence, Stefan Bauschard

2000 - Privacy Protection Policy: Nowhere to Hide?
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Researchers: Stefan Bauschard, Adrienne Brovero, Chris Cooper, Justin Green, John Katsulas, Judd Renken, Ryan Sparacino, Patrick Speice

A Dialogue About Evolving Appoaches to Debate, Ross Smith & Jairus Grove
Mining the Internet for Evidence, Stefan Bauschard
He/Man Rhetoric, Emma Filstrup


1999 - Multiple Choices: Testing Educational Policy
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Researchers: Stafan Bauschard, Dan Davis, Andrew Geppert, Justin Green, Jim Lyle, Judd Renken, Clay Rhodes, Mark Yopp


1998 - (De)Baiting the Bear: Policy Options Toward Russia
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Researchers: Stefan Bauschard, Adrienne Brovero, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Andrew Geppert, Jim Lyle, Brian Prestes, Clay Rhodes, Eric Truett

Count Him Not As An Enemy: Critical International Relations Theory in Debate, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Jim Lyle
Winning Topicality on the Russia Topic: The Importance of Layered Violations, Eric Truett
The International Counterplan: A Survey of the Issues, Ross K. Smith
Beyond Clinton and Case Take-Outs: Strategic Thinking on the Negative, Eric Truett

1997 - Renewable Energy : A Sustainable Debate
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Reserachers: Stefan Bauschard, Adrienne Borvero, David Cheshier, Andy Geppert, David Gartenstein-Ross,
Patrick McMullen, Brian Prestes, Clay Rhodes, Paul Skiermont

Beyond Clinton: How To Use the Politics Section, Adrienne Brovero, Wake Forest University
Answering Critiques: Strategies and Tactics, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Brian Prestes

1996 - The Shock, The Shame, The Horror: Juvenile Crime
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Senior Researchers: Stafan Bauschard, Adrienne Brovero, Patrick McMullen, Brian Prestes, Mike Ridge,
Maxwell Schnurer, Paul Skiermont, Research Associates: Holly Lewis, Clay Rhodes

Educational Uses for the DRG, Maxwell Schnurer
The State Counterplan, Roger Solt (See 1999 DRG Above)
The Affirmative's Juvenile Complaint: In Defense of Plan-Inclusive Counterplans,
Paul Skiermont
Verb, That's What's Happening: Kritiking Theory and Practice, Brian Lain

1995 - United States Foreign Policy : China Cards
Editor: Roger E. Solt
Senior Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, Stefan Bauschard, J.P. Lacy, Tim O'Donnell, Mike Ridge, Brian Prestes
Associate Reserchers: Stacey Kurpieski, Ken Rufo

Time For An Activist Outward Turn In Academic Debate, Gordon Mitchell
An Inward Glance: A Response To Mitchell's Outward Activist Turn, Alan Coverstone

1994 - Immigration Regulation : Borderline Policies
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Senior Researchers: Adrienne Brovero, J.P.Lacy, Tim O'Donnell, Mike Ridge, Marcia Tiersky, Alan Coverstone
Research Associates: Brian Prestes, Stacey Kurpieski

SOP, There It Is. Adrienne Brovero
Taking a New Route to the Tournament: What the Information Superhighway Means for Debate and Evidence, Brian Lain
Hitchhiking on the Information Superhighway: Research on the Net, Shane Stafford & Brian Lain

1993 - Health Care Policy: Debating Coverage Cures
Editors, Roger E. Solt & Ross K. Smith
Senior Researchers: Mark Grant, J P Lacy, Brian Lain, Mike Ridge, Research Associates: Adrienne Borvero, John Huges, Scott O'Donnell, Marcia Tiersky

kritik of thinking, William Shanahan
Demystifying the Critique, Roger Solt
Rethinking Critique Arguments, Derek Jinks
The Critique: Skreaming Without Raising Its Voice, Matthew Shors and Steve Mancuso
Managing Competition and Managing Competing Claims: The Political Philosophy of National Health Insurance Policies, Mike Ridge

1992 - Effluents and affluence: The Global Pollution Debate
Editors, Ross K. Smith and Roger E. Solt
Senior Researchers: Alan Coverstone, Gordon Mitchell, Mike Ridge, Research Associates: Melissa Butler, Judd Kimball, Brian Lain, Tim O'Donnell, Marcia Tiersky

The Question Is... Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cross-Examination, Alan Coverstone
New Tools for the Negative: International Fiat and Plan-Inclusive Counterplans, Gordon Mitchell
Symposium: Women in Debate: Reflections on the Ongoing Struggle, Rebecca S. Bjork, Cori Dauber, Lisa Dix, Lisa Hobbs, Becky Kidder, Jenni Ouding, Joy Rhyne
Choosing Affirmatives, Staff advice on case selection

1991 - Addressing Homelessness : Social Services in the 1990's
Editors, Ross K. Smith and Roger E. Solt
Senior Researchers: Alan Coverstone, Brian Lain, Gordon Mitchell, Research Associates: Richard Fledderman, Mike Greco, Dan Lingel, Lyle Scruggs, Marcia Tiersky

Rebounding from "Hard Acts to Follow": " Street-Wise Advice on Preceding and Following Your Opponents, Gordon Mitchell
Rehabilitating Intrinsicness, T.A. McKinney
A Research Primer, Brian Lain and Lyle Scruggs
The Anomalies of Debate Judging, David Walsh

1990 - Space Exploration: The Policy Frontier
Editor, Roger E. Solt, Managing Editor: Ross Smith
Researchers: David Cheshier, Alan Coverstone, Mark Grant, Kevin Hamrick, Daniel Lingel, Gordon Mitchell,
Joseph Peery, Mike Ridge, Lyle Scruggs, Ross Smith

Time for a Change, Alan Coverstone
Debate Critic as Educator and Communicator, Daniel M. Lingel
Selecting a College Program, Allan Louden
Orality Masquerade: Why Judges Should Try Not Calling for Cards, Gordon Mitchell

1989 - Punishment Paradigms : Pros and Cons
Editor, Roger E. Solt ; Associate Editor, Ross K. Smith
Senior Researcher: Gloria Cabada, Research Associates: Mark Bailey, David Brownell, Alan Coverstone, Marie Dzuris, Judd Kimball, Brian Lain,
Dan Lingel, Victor Morton, Mike Ridge, Calvin Rockefeller, Lyle Scruggs, Shane Stafford

Women in High School Debate, J. Cinder Griffin and Holly Jane Raider
A Brief Comment About Women in Debate, Sandra Berkowitz Stafford
Counterplans Re-visited: The Last Sacred Cow?, J. Daniel Plants
Eat Plants, Not Cows: A Vegetarian Response to "The Last Sacred Cow", Bill Shanahan

1988 - Retirement Security : Shuffleboard on the Titanic
Editor, Roger E. Solt; Associate Editor Ross Smith
Senior Researchers: Gloria Cabada, Steve Mancuso, Ouita Papka, Associate Researchers: David Brownell, Marie Dzuis, Mike Greco,
Steve Griesinger, Judd Kimball, T. A. McKinney, Lyle Scruggs, Bill Shanahan, Sandy Stafford, Shane Stafford

Prep Time: Maximizing a Valuable Resource, Gloria Cabada
The Dosing of Debater: A Radical Remedy for Serious Sickness, Bill Shanahan

1987 - Latin American Politics: The Calculus of Instability
Editor : Roger E. Solt
Copy Editor : Ron Wastyn ; Researchers : Gloria Cabada, Mike Green, Arnie Madsen, Shaun Martin, Quita Papka, Taishen Siao, Shane Stafford

The Fifth Person in the Room: The Importance of Judge Adaptation, Lyn Robbins
The Revitalization of the First Negative, Gus Ramsey & Spencer Zuzolo
Limits - The Essence of Topicality, Eric Kupferbreg
Evidence Challenges: The Twilight Zone of Ethics, Taishen Siao

1986 - Fertile Ground : The Agriculture Debate
Editors, Ross K. Smith & Roger E. Solt
Researchers: Steve Anderson, Gloria Cabada, David Cheshier, Zac Grant, Eric Jaffe, Arnie Madsen, Star Muir, Ted Wallace, Ron Wastyn

Apocalypse When? :Determining and Comparing Catastrophic Risks, Steven D. Dolley
Conditionality: Creative Constraints on DREADFUL Debate, Ouita Papka
"Real World" Debate: Exploring Decision-Making Models. Peter Hammer
"Stock Issues" As an Obstacle to Quality Debate, Jeremy J. Ofseyer
How to Win Debate Rounds: Is debate an Art or a science?, Scott Segal
To Read to Not to Read: That is the Question, Jeff Leon University of Redlands & Lenny Gail

1985 - Clarifying Water Policy
Editor Roger E. Solt
Associate Editors ; Lenny Gail, John Graham, Ross Smith, Researchers: Steve Anderson., Gloria Cabada, Marie Dzuris,
Linda Hippler, Paul Leader, Ouita Papka, Ted Wallace

On Dallas On Competition, Jonathan Massey
Catastrophe Without Cause: Escaping the Paradigmatic Disadvantage, Danny Povinell
Punishment: Does It Fit the Crime?, Doug Sigel
Format Theory, Ross Smith
Counterplan Competition: Permutations and Beyond, Roger Solt

1984 - Waging War on Poverty
Editor Roger E. Solt
Researchers: David Cheshier, Paul Leader, Stever Mancuso, Condon McGlothlen, Rodger Payne, Ross Smith

The Punishment Theory: Illegitimate Styles and Theories as Voting Issues, Doug Sigel
Topicality: Is it Reasonalbe to be Reasonable????, Steven D. Dolly
Broken Beyond Repair Intrinsicness: Theory Headed for Collision, Michael Mankins
Analysis of Disadvantages: Scenarios and Intrinsicness, Bill Brewster
On Competition, Tim Sanders

1983 - American Justice : Courting Disaster
Editor : Roger E. Solt
Researchers, David Cheshier, Steve mancuso, Ross Smith, Chris Wheatly

"Don't Let Go the Coat", First Affirmative Rebuttal , Mark Gidley
Judge Adaptation, Erik Walker
Strategies for the First Negative Constructive, Mike Hancock
Debate Research: "If It's in Print Read It", Rodger Payne

1982 - Arms Sales: The Politics of Destruction
Editors, Allan D. Louden & Roger E. Solt
Research Associates, Bob Chandler, David Cheshier, Arnie Madsen, Steve Mancuso, Carol Winkler, Jean Wright

Tactics and Techniques: A Communicative Assessment, Allan Louden
Affirmative Case Construction: "Working in the Dark", Mike Alberty
A Call for Negative Coordination,
John Barrett
"Planning" Your Way to Victory, Jeff Arrington
Disadvantage: From the Ground Up, Bill Fouché
Affrimative Rebuttals: A Practical Way To Win, Gerry Paul
Cross Examination, Zac Grant
Topicality: In Search of Reason, Steve Mancuso
Negative Rebuttals, Chuck Ballingall
U.S. Arms Sales: An Overview of Topicality, Roger Solt ("The Pros and Cons of the Best Definition Standard")

1981 - Alternatives in Education: Stagnation or Renewal
Editors, Allan D. Louden, Roger E. Solt
Research Associates, Arnie Madsen, Edward Panetta, Frank Mitchell, David Cheshier, Brian Nozolino, Barbara Maxwell

The Counterplan in High School debate, Jim Fleissner& William Vogel
Counterplans Must be Competitive, Steve Mancuso
The Topical Counterplan: Reasserting Negative Ground, Edward M. Panetta
The Boundaries of Governmental Fiat, Frank Mitchell
Justification vs. the Counterplan, David Cheshier
Issues Surrounding the Studies Counterplan, Bill Hill

1980 - Consumer Safety :Risks and Responses
Editors, Allan D. Louden & Roger Solt
Research associates, Frank Mitchell, Bill Newnam, David Cheshier, Bill Evans, Star Muir; Business Manager, Janette Kenner; Special Consultant, John D. Graham

Counterplans: Requirements, Persumption and Study, Bill Hill
Toward Improving your "Style", Jan Vasilius
Philosophical Assumption of Consumer Regulation (An Argumentative Perspective), Frank Mitchell and Bill Newnam

1979 - Foreign Policy : A New Decade
Editor, Allan D. Louden
Research associates, John D. Graham, Bill Hill, Roger Solt; Research assistants, Star Muir, Bill Newnam

Perspectives for the Evaluation of Academic Debate, Thomas J. Hynes, Jr.
Coping with Statistics in Debate, Kathy Kellermann and Allan Louden
Revitalizing the Concept of Inherency, Tennyson Williams