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A description of the Sakai adoption process during 2008-2010 by Ken Hoglund, 2009-2010 CIT chair:

The SAKAI process began under the prior CIT chair [Jon Christman] as a pilot that we would consider for adoption, and as best I recall, the pilot process was sort of preempted by budget schedules that required we make the adjustments moving to SAKAI early in the 2009-10 AY. It was probably in the October 2009 meeting that we made the determination that we needed to make the commitments to move to SAKAI, but it was not a formal motion nor a recommendation. Rick Matthews asked if we were all agreed that he should configure the 2010-11 AY budget without Blackboard, and after considerable discussion, we all agreed that was the best route.

In the Nov. 2009 College faculty meeting I gave the following report:

Ken Hoglund noted that the University is moving from Blackboard to Sakai as its courseware management platform; this should be in place for fall 2010. He provided some account of why this change was made, indicated that the change should be an improvement, and encouraged faculty members to use the spring 2010 semester to become familiar with the system.  Topics addressed in questions included the movement of materials from Blackboard to Sakai (generally unproblematic except for assessment materials) and Sakai's support of Turnitin.

November 5, 2010



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