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Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

April 17, 2011
Members Attending
Susan Borwick
David John
Susan Smith
Anne Bishop
Tommy Murphy
Rick Matthews
Allin Cottrell
Rob Bliss
Jon Christman
Lynn Sutton
Perry Patterson
Catherine Ross

Also attending
Pat Morton
John Track

Meeting started at 4:00

Item 1: Minutes of the March 21st meeting, 4:00 pm

Introduced by Susan Borwick.

Susan Borwick inquired if anyone had changes to the March 21st meeting minutes and seeing no opposition determined through common consent the minutes from the last CIT were approved.

Item 2: Results of the CIT grants subcommittee deliberations

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Allin Cottrell reported all the grants seemed worthy of being supported. Hearing that, the Provost agreed to provide additional funding to support every proposal. David John request future proposals have more structure so it can be easier for the committee to evaluate. The subcommittee and the TLC grants subcommittee will compare proposal structures so the CIT proposal form may be revised with that awareness.

Item 3: The new laptop

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Pat Morton brought the T420s. It is thinner and a bit wider. It is lighter, and most of the ports are in the back. There will be no fingerprint reader. Rick Matthews will give the CIT headlines of the T420s for the annual report and add this to the Provost’s newsletter.

Item 4: Google apps report

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Rick Matthews reported the Google web interface will be encouraged but that Outlook and Thunderbird will be supported. Postini will give WFU discoverability. Perry Patterson noted the mobility factor is incredible and Tommy Murphy added anyone wanting to use Outlook can use Google Sync. Rob Bliss suggested a countdown on or a default screen on Sakai or WIN.

The CIT voted to recommend Google apps for education to  ITEC. The vote was unanimous in favor of Google apps for education.

Item 5: Update from FTG regarding survey instruments

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Results of the FTG study will be shared with the CIT in 2011-2012. Professor Ananda Mitra will head this effort.

Item 6: Student Technology Council

Introduced by Susan Borwick

John Track presented on the accomplishments of the Student Technology Council. Susan Borwick and the Committee on Information Technology commended the STC on their work and look forward to all future initiatives.

Item 7: CIT Annual report

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick tasked the CIT to have edits by tomorrow so the annual CIT annual report can be presented at the May faculty meeting.

Item 8: CIT Elections

Introduced by Susan Borwick

The CIT unanimously voted David John as the CIT 2011-2012 chair of the Committee on Information Technology.


Next meeting will be Fall 2011
End: 5:10 pm
Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow


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