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Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

February 28, 2011
Members Attending

  • Rob Bliss
  • Michael Crouse
  • David John
  • Brandon Turner
  • Tommy Murphy
  • Anne Bishop
  • Rick Matthews representing the Office of the Provost
  • Allin Cottrell
  • Patrick Morton
  • Susan Borwick
  • Jon Christman
  • Susan Smith representing Lynn Sutton

Also Present

  • John Track-IS
  • Curt Hoffman-Guest

Meeting started at 4:00

Item 1: Minutes of the January 24th meeting

Introduced by Susan Borwick.

Susan Borwick inquired if anyone had changes to the January 24th meeting minutes and seeing no opposition determined through common consent the minutes from the last CIT were approved.

Item 2: Welcome of new CIT member from the Schools of Business: Professor Rob Bliss

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick and the entire CIT welcomed Rob Bliss.

Item 3: Responses to the revised bylaws’s CIT powers and duties

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick stated duties and responsibilities will be sent out today and to hear from everyone Susan Borwick requested of the CIT that concerns be reported to her by the end of the meeting.

Item 4: The CIT summer educational technology grants subcommittee (John; Hoglund; Cottrell, chair; Delph, staff assistant) and their work during Feb.-Mar., which involved coordinating their work with Course Development Grants.

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick noted grants were due the previous Friday and 14 proposals were submitted. Susan Borwick noted Darcy Delph will compile and have them to the committee shortly. Allin Cottrell proposed this process: read, rank, make a cut with acceptable/not acceptable, if we need to meet face to face and vote. In the case of a difficult decision Susan Borwick suggests the entire CIT make the decision. Susan Borwick noted the limit is money so it can be possible to fund a few grants with a lot of money or many grants with smaller amounts of money. Susan Borwick noted faculty can also apply to course development. This is good but CIT needs to coordinate with TLC to make sure the same idea isn’t funded twice. Rick Matthews noted CIT is ahead of TLC with deadlines so CIT will want to communicate with TLC. Rick Matthews requests supporting the grants subcommittee as a non-voting member; there is no objection. Susan Borwick requests subcommittee have recommendations and send them to Rick Matthews and Susan Borwick before 3/21. If not possible Susan Borwick requests to be notified.  [NOTE: Since the Feb. meeting, Rick and Susan have confirmed with the TLC that the TLC grant committee will meet Friday, Mar. 18.  It would be helpful for the CIT grants subcommittee to share its decisions with Rick and Susan before Mar. 18, so they may be a part of the TLC grant committee deliberations.]

Item 5: Google mail CIT recommendation to ITEC

Introduced by Susan Borwick and passed to Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews reported that ITEC anticipates making a Google Apps for Education decision in April. Rick Matthews states as long as CIT is before ITEC, the later the CIT decision the better. Jon Christman stated speaking with pilot members he heard some people need a lot of training and they felt rushed.  Rick Matthews stated the last survey closed 10 days ago. Ryan Scholl is the Project Manager. Rick Matthews stated the question is when should there be another survey. Tommy Murphy stated around 90% of the ITGs are on the Google pilot and ITGs must be 100%. Jon Christman stated the transition must be over the summer before next fall, but after grades are done and submitted for the spring ’11 semester. Rick Matthews noted that dates for training events must be made at the same time as the announcement.

Rick Matthews shared ITEC does not want the pilot expanded.

Rick Matthews noted the hard part is not the e-mail migration, it is the training piece.

Susan Smith and Anne Bishop inquired about the calendar. Rick Matthews stated the administrative departments are high users of the Exchange calendar thus the transition to Google calendar must be compressed, so calendars may be coordinated. Rick Matthews shared the administrative units say whenever the migration occurs make it go as fast as possible—this pace puts a strain on the IS training staff. Tommy Murphy stated the ITG training staff should be more than happy to help. Patrick Morton suggested going back through previous migrations and looking at the pluses and minuses.  Susan said a subgroup of the CIT will arrange a meeting of the parties who will help with migration, to coordinate everyone’s efforts and see what will work for everyone. 

Item 6: 2011-2012 standard load

Introduced by Susan Borwick and passed to IS Client Architect Patrick Morton

Patrick Morton recommends the T420 as the entry point professional grade Thinkpad carrying on from what started with the T400.  Patrick Morton said the modem and firewire ports will be lost but USB modems can be purchased inexpensively by those that need them. The T420S is outside of the price range. Another option considered was the T520 with a one inch larger screen but it is well outside of the price range. The discrete graphics card is being considered for removal, now that good graphics are ubiquitous on laptops.

Jonathan Christman inquired if there is a tablet option available and Patrick Morton said no, Lenovo is phasing them out.

Rick Matthews requests CIT members dispel the myth that the large standard load slows it down.  It doesn’t.

Item 7: call for papers, other creative and research products

Introduced by Susan Borwick and passed to Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews stated a new website will soon be unveiled and it is an FTG project which will index by tool and pedagogical need. Rick Matthews stated the purpose is to find what is out there and embrace anyone willing to share with the audience that includes those not in their field.

Gretchen Edwards has volunteered to interview people about their use of technology for those who prefer that option.

Next meeting will be March 21, 2011
End: 4:57 pm
Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow


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