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Wake Forest University

Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

January 24, 2011
Members Attending

  • Brandon Turner
  • Benjellica Leslie-Jones
  • Susan Smith representing Lynn Sutton
  • Perry Patterson representing Jacque Fetrow
  • Rick Matthews representing the Office of the Provost
  • David John

Also Present

  • Jeff Muday—ITG
  • Tommy Murphy—ITG
  • Jon Christman—ITEC and ITPC
  • John Track—IS
  • Michael Crouse—Graduate Students
  • Rob Bliss—Schools of Business

Meeting started at 4:00

Item 1: Minutes of the November 15th meeting

Introduced by Rick Matthews.

Rick Matthews inquired if anyone had changes to the Nov. 29th meeting minutes and seeing no opposition determined through common consent the minutes from the last CIT were approved.

Item 2: Status of the revised bylaws work

Introduced by Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews suggested creating a Google Doc to try to get consensus. Jon Christman noted the issue of moving from a college committee to a university committee seemed less important at ITEC, and suggested focusing on the responsibility of the committee.

Item 3: Report back from the Google mail/calendar forum on Friday December 3rd, and the expanded pilot (as of January 2011) that includes CHM and THE, and as many faculty as can be accommodated.

Introduced by Rick Matthews

Rick Mathews reported more members of the community turned out for this forum than the first forum and their questions and answers are available on Rick Matthews’ WFU website Rick Matthews noted the first meeting’s questions focused on the “why” of the move to Google and the second meeting’s questions focused on the “can it do ____.” Jon Christman noted he was surprised with all the questions about functionality. Rick Matthews noted the Go/No Go decision will be decided in March/April by ITEC.

Rick Matthews noted among pilot groups the general feeling is ecstatic about mail and with calendar there is an added challenge of having to rethink how you do things in calendar.

Michael Crouse inquired where the questions from the first forum are located and Rick Matthews answered on his website

Rick Matthews has reported Gmail and Calendar are OK and they are looking into Google’s spam filtering software, Postini. Since this service is an additional $8.33/user/year it is likely only faculty and staff will get the use of this service.

Jon Christman inquired if there is a way to poll the recently migrated and Rick Matthews answered yes a survey will be pushed out soon.

Jon Christman suggested scheduling department office hours to answer questions like “is there a way to ____.”

Tommy Murphy noted some people in the Chemistry department are wondering where is some of their old mail.

Rick Matthews noted Google will *soon* offer Google Apps for Educators extra memory space for a cost.

Benjellica Leslie-Jones noted in the Chrome browser she is able to separate her personal Gmail from her school Gmail and isn’t able to do this in the Firefox browser.

Michael Crouse inquired if the Help Desk will support for faculty status questions and Rick Matthews answered Information Systems is slowly expanding its knowledge base.

Perry Patterson suggested broader knowledge of labels and filtering may be helpful to promote. He added also in calendar adding attachments and notes to events are positive features.

Item 5: Technological upgrades/changes/capabilities on campus this spring-summer

Introduced by Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews stated IS anticipates 802.11N for most of academic buildings. This will increase spread and increase coverage, and it is pending capital request funding.

Rick Matthews shared that Wake Forest University will be the first campus to have a University site license of WebEx.

Rick Matthews shared that DeTamble video conferencing will be upgraded with Tandberg equipment. Tandberg was acquired by Cisco but this technology is separate from Telepresence.

Item 6: Summer educational technology grants for 2011, and CITs involvement

Introduced by Rick Matthews

Rick Matthews stated the program run last summer will also be run this summer. Rick Matthews inquired if CIT will be willing to review and award the grants, and CIT responded yes. Proposals are due February 25th.

Rick Matthews stated he would like to encourage technology people to submit their use to the TLC.

Next meeting will be February 21, 2011
End: 4:40 pm
Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow


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