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Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

November 29, 2010
Members Attending

  • Susan Borwick
  • Ken Hoglund
  • Allin Cottrell
  • Susan Smith representing Lynn Sutton
  • Perry Patterson representing Jacque Fetrow
  • Rick Matthews representing the Office of the Provost
  • Anne Bishop representing IS

Also Present

  • Jeff Muday—ITG
  • Jolie Tingen—ITG
  • Tommy Murphy—ITG
  • Steven Wicker—ITG
  • Jon Christman—ITEC and ITPC
  • John Track—IS

Meeting started at 4:00

Item 1: Minutes of the November 15th meeting

Introduced by Susan Borwick.

Susan Borwick inquired if anyone had changes to the Nov. 15th meeting minutes and seeing no opposition determined through common consent the minutes from the last CIT were approved.

Item 2: Sakai Update from ITGs

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Jolie Tingen and Juff Muday reported on Sakai. Jeff Muday stated Sakai usage was much higher than expected and the 8-10% concurrency is being handled gracefully in large part to the efforts of Tim Miller and Drew Ray in Information Systems. It was expressed that moving from Blackboard to Sakai cold turkey may be unique for Wake Forest University and Rick Matthews suggested an EDUCAUSE presentation next October because the transition has worked so well. Susan Smith added there are spring regional conferences in addition to the national conference. Jeff Muday reported Drew Ray’s concern regarding the storage on Sakai, which is about 204 GB; this exceeds the previous three semesters combined with Blackboard. Jeff Muday posed that this data suggests a service may have been missing and it may be important to look at something else. Jon Christman suggested the large number may be a reflection of increased media use and reported that colleagues are recording classroom sessions. Susan Borwick commented that media use is growing organically and Jeff Muday agreed with this assessment. Jeff Muday stated growth will continue to be monitored. Jolie Tingen reported that Jacque Fetrow requested that Jolie Tingen stay on with the Sakai project until July 2011 although the one year commitment for the other members that were asked to participate will soon be finished. Turnitin integration may proceed for next academic year with funding available this year. Jolie Tingen indicated a Learning Management System person has been recommended and Rick Matthews suggested that an FTE or estimate of time commitment associated with each responsibility can help determine if this position should be a full or partial position. This position would include a trainer component.

Susan Borwick tasks the CIT to work through the Sakai policies in the handout and bring discussion points to the January meeting.

Item 3: Consider Revised Bylaws

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Allin Cottrell suggested adding “deans may appoint a designate in their stead.”
It was suggested to add “college” after “give elected members of the undergraduate” in a.Membership(2) Voting
It was suggested to add an elected member from the ZSR faculty to membership.
Susan Borwick will check if the faculty bylaws currently has an exact number for quorum.
It was suggested to change “two student members” to “the student members” in a.Membership(3).
Susan Borwick will send an e-mail to vote on the changes and one option will be to vote for discussing further in January.

Item 4: Google

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick asked if contrasting departments are going to be used in the Gmail pilot and Rick Matthews confirmed this has been addressed. Rick Matthews reported there is more interest than available spots in the early testing; 4 departments are interested when the roadmap calls for 2 or 3. Rick Matthews is hesitant to allow all departments that are interested to join because it may appear that the cards are being stacked in favor of adoption and that the process is a migration not a test. Rick Matthews stated he wants the decision to migrate fully to Gmail to be a university decision. Susan Borwick suggested adding an additional two groups in February, not long before the meeting in March to decide if the pilot should continue. Rick Matthews stated as long as each department has a dedicated two weeks for migration, support should not be overtaxed by additional department migration.

Item 5: December 3rd Forum

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick noted the Charlotte campus wanted to be involved so there will be a WebEx session. Rick Matthews will send the CIT listserv a personal webpage with questions that have been brought up to date and their answers and requested suggestions on how to improve or correct the website:  CIT decided not to record the forum, as recording it might inhibit questions.  Susan Borwick will note the questions, so answers may be added to Rick Matthews’ personal webpage and eventually that information may be posted on the CIT webpage. Rick Matthews posed the CIT may be interested in taking ownership of a similar website because the CIT may appear more credible.

Next meeting will be in January 2011
End: 5:00 pm
Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow



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