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Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

November 15, 2010
Members Attending

  • Susan Borwick
  • Ken Hoglund
  • Allin Cottrell
  • Brandon Turner
  • David John
  • Benjellica Leslie-Jones
  • Lauren Pressley representing Lynn Sutton
  • Pat Moran
  • Perry Patterson representing Jacque Fetrow
  • Rick Matthews

Also Present
Nancy Crouch—IS
Jeff Muday—ITG
Jon Christman—ITEC and ITPC
John Track—IS
Anne Bishop—IS
Gretchen Edwards—ZSR/IS/Cisco

Meeting started at 4:05

Item 1: Minutes of the October 18th meeting

Introduced by Susan Borwick.

Susan Borwick inquired if anyone had changes to last meeting’s minutes and seeing no opposition determined through common consent the minutes from the last CIT were approved.

Item 2: ITEC, ITPC liaison selection and CIT membership role definition

Introduced by Susan Borwick

At the October meeting, Susan Borwick had asked former chair Ken Hoglund to attend a meeting of committee chairs with Dean of the College Jacque Fetrow, and Ken Hoglund reported back to the CIT. Ken Hoglund shared there was a lot of discussion at the meeting regarding the need for a Committee on Committees under the Provost to oversee bylaws of the various groups. Susan Borwick suggested a consideration of changes to the CIT bylaws as the committee moves towards university status. Rick Matthews stated the bylaws will include revised membership roles and responsibilities. Allin Cottrell suggested an addition to the proposed addition of a description of a liaison to the ITEC and PC to include “if not a voting member under point two.” Brought for consideration was membership additions to include all the deans or dean designates and added student representation. It was identified that the Dean of the ZSR library and the Dean of the College are currently represented. Ken Hoglund raised the concern that adding members to satisfy a university committee makeup and sufficient representation for each group may make the CIT too large. Allin Cottrell asked where there is a choice to be a college or a university committee. The answer was that it’s a done deal.  David John asked if the CIT can be structured with school wide subcommittees to preserve the value of the CIT for the college. Lauren Pressley inquired how the CIT responsibilities differ from the Future Technologies Group (FTG) and Rick Matthews answered he sees the FTG as staff support for the CIT. Anne Bishop added that the FTG is focused on innovation. Rick Matthews suggested a change in no. 5 of the proposed bylaws functions: from “coordination” to “guide coordination,” to suggest the CIT will not be necessarily implementing the coordination, but will play a role in navigating the direction. At 4:33pm no decision was reached and Susan Borwick suggested a subcommittee may need to be convened to identify the roles and liaisons of the CIT between now and the next meeting on Nov. 29th.  When no one volunteered, she then asked everyone to email to her any and all suggestions by Friday (Nov. 19th), so she may assemble the changes.  Rick Matthews said he can present this discussion to the Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC) at the next ITEC meeting November 18, 2010. Rick Matthews requested permission to share the state of the debate in CIT with ITEC specifically focusing on the size of the committee and representation concerns. Rick Matthews supported a long term (3 years), pointing out that, if the CIT liaison changes too rapidly, the member may face difficulty in assimilating with the environment of the ITPC. Jon Christman agreed the continuity issue should be addressed.

Item 3: Wake in Motion

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick invited Rick Matthews to introduce IS Deputy CIO Nancy Crouch, who gave a presentation on Wake in Motion. She then answered questions.

Item 4: Google Forums

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick suggested members of the CIT attend Google mail/calendar forums on Wednesday November 17th from 4-5pm in Pugh and/or December 3rd from 12-1pm.  [NOTE: Around 10 people attended the Nov. 17th forum.  Most of them signed up for the pilot program, and they will join it in January.]

Item 5: Google Pilot recruitment

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick requested members of the CIT get the word out to academic departments about joining the Google pilot in January 2011 and stated any CIT member that would like to be included should contact Rick Matthews.

Item 6: TLC panelist nominations

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick stated the Teaching and Learning Center is looking for panelists for a best-practices-in-the-classroom event in March or April and was seeking nominations.  Nancy Crouch said she had several names to suggest.  She and Susan will talk.


Next meeting November 29th, 4 pm, Dean’s Suite, 8th Floor, ZSR.
End: 5:09 pm
Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow


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