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Committee on Information Technology

Committee on Information Technology

September 20, 2010
Members Attending

  • Susan Borwick
  • Rick Matthews
  • Susan Smith representing Lynn Sutton
  • Ken Hoglund
  • Benjellica Leslie-Jones
  • Brandon Turner

Also Present
Tom Murphy—ITG
Jolie Tingen—ITG
Jon Christman—ITEC
John Track—IS

The Committee on Information Technology (CIT) at Wake Forest University is a committee of the faculty, charged with oversight of issues relating to information technology on campus. The committee’s official powers and duties are:
1. To serve as the principal agent of the faculty in developing policies relating to information technology.
2. To monitor and evaluate policies on computers and information technology.
3. To make recommendations for implementation and continuation of policies on computers and information technology, subject to faculty approval.

Meeting started at 4:00

Item 1: Annual Report of the Committee on Information Technology 2009-2010

Introduced by Susan Borwick.

Susan Borwick recommended editing the wording and then presenting the report to the Collegiate Faculty in their October meeting. Last year’s chair, Ken Hoglund, will present it to the faculty.

Susan Borwick advised the CIT to look at the Strategic Planning Committee for Innovation in Technology and Information (SPITI) report and bring the handout with the annual report to the October meeting.

Item 2: Sakai

Introduced by Jolie Tingen

Jolie reported July 12 was the go-live date for the launch of Sakai. There were challenges August 10th with Banner integration. An equation editor was chosen to be purchased. As of September 1st Blackboard is unavailable, but all Blackboard courses have been archived. Two training sessions a week were offered this summer, and no complaints were made regarding a lack of training. Additionally, a course was offered to customize Sakai and make the site appear like a Blackboard site. Sakai was piloted for 2 years before implementation. More features may be available next summer if Sakai 2.7 is chosen.

Ken Hoglund noted he heard from some faculty that the Sakai gradebook was more difficult. Susan Borwick commented she thought it was better because it allows comments to be added to the grades.

Jolie Tingen noted adding extra credit with Sakai is easier than it was with Blackboard.

Benjellica Leslie-Jones stated she likes Sakai and its day-by-day feature. Brandon Turner mentioned the only problem he heard is with some students attempting to save and reopen a quiz but having unanswered questions marked wrong.

Jolie confirmed there was no student training for Sakai. Brandon recommended a help site or a document rather than a session so that students could refer to the material at their convenience.

Jolie commented faculty can log in as students to see what their site looks like for students and some tools have student view options.

Item 3: Review notes from meeting of Catherine Ross and Susan Rupp of the Teaching and Learning Center, Instructional Design librarian Lauren Pressley, and the Committee on Information Technology chair Susan Borwick.

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Susan Borwick summarized the meeting between the Teaching and Learning Center Directors, an Instructional Design librarian, and the Committee on Information Technology chair. Susan Borwick mentioned the TLC directors see best practices in the classroom as a TLC area and would prefer to deal with the topic inside the TLC and will look to possibly consider “best practices in the Wake Forest classrooms” as a spring theme or topic.

Rick Matthews commented that currently the faculty miss opportunities to share things that enhance teaching and research, and mentioned a previous program, STARS (Student Technology Advisors). Grants under this program were issued on the condition that presentations be given on the research completed at a technology fair. Rick indicated an interest in having the CIT facilitate ways for us to share what other people are doing.

Item 4: Review the “Survey of Wake Forest Faculty Use of Technology in Teaching”

Introduced by Susan Borwick

Benjellica Leslie-Jones mentioned that Smartboard is a brand name and may be excluding similar performing devices offered by different companies. She suggested also considering Promethean boards, another interactive whiteboard. Benjellica Leslie-Jones also brought up other alternative programs such as Open Office which offers similar services to Microsoft Office programs and Prezi, which makes online presentations like those available through PowerPoint.

Jon Christman suggested the survey include questions regarding which methods are the most effective and which items have been the most helpful for student learning.

Susan Borwick recommended making a separate survey for students.

Susan Borwick requested members of the CIT send feedback to her within the next week regarding the surveys.

Rick Matthews indicated the faculty survey can go through the Provost’s Office.

Rick Matthews noted graduate students don’t get the same software and technology as undergraduate students.

Item 5: Google Pilot

Introduced by Rick Matthews

Rick stated Information Systems will move to Google in November. If that pilot is successful, the Provost’s office will likely move in January as a second pilot phase.  Results from the pilot and legal review will determine whether IS recommends a transition of faculty and staff to Google.

Ken Hoglund raised concerns that the University council’s office had questions about security. Susan Borwick echoed that Jacque Fetrow had expressed concerns when she had first become Dean of the College.

Rick Matthews explained that all e-mail systems are insecure without end-to-end encryption. Rick Matthews recommended using any potential Google roll-out as an opportunity to educate people on appropriate uses of unencrypted e-mail. (For example, faculty should not to send students their grades via e-mail.) IS will also recommend options for encrypting e-mail and other methods of passing sensitive information securely.

Rick Matthews commented Google Apps are easy and offer more functions than Exchange, and that Gmail works well with Blackberry devices.

Rick Matthews indicated there is value to the community in letting voices be heard publicly on mail and calendar choices, and that ITGs that would like to join the Gmail pilot may do so but cannot also maintain an exchange account.

Susan indicated the next meeting will discuss IT Governance.
Next meeting October 18th
End: 5:07 pm


Submitted by John Track, Wake Forest CIO Fellow


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