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Committee on Information Technology

Minutes of the April 24, 2007 meeting of the
Committee on Information Technology

Present:  Jonathan Christman, Paul Escott, Luis González, Jo Lowe, Bill Marcum, Delphine Masse, Patrick Morton, Jeff Muday, Susan Smith, and Stan Thomas.

The first item in the agenda was a report on the final decision for next academic year’s computer. Patrick informed the committee that the decision was for Lenovo. The decision was unanimous, and the Wake Forest College, the Hawthorne campus, the Hospital, the Business School, and the Law School agreed on Lenovo. Students will get an R60 with a dual core processor, which means that it will be a machine 30 to 40% faster than the current T60. In spite of the older model name, the machine will be superior to the current T60. Faculty members will get a T60p. As part of the final details being worked out during these final days of the negotiation, there is a proposal to allow juniors to upgrade their computer through a web site. This year’s juniors will not be able to do this, but it is expected that juniors during the 2008-2009 school year will be able to do so.

Paul thanked Patrick for the report, and for all his work and the work of the negotiating group during the bidding process. Lynn Sutton also participated in the bidding process, and the CIT appreciates her hard work. Paul also thanked Delphine for being the CIT representative, taking the time from her busy schedule to attend a number of meetings, sometimes two a day, during a short period of time.

Second, the committee discussed a draft on academic computing vision, mission, and SWOTs to be sent to the College and the University as a contribution to the strategic plan. The draft was written by Stan, Jay, Jeff, and Delphine. There were not any substantial objections. There was some discussion of two key points. First, it was pointed out that some students had expressed the desire for training in spreadsheets. Susan and others directly involved with training answered that the Library’s IT Office offered training on an ongoing basis, that all university constituents were often invited not only to training sessions but also to submit topics in which training was needed, and that attendance at many training sessions was less than ideal. Jeff promised to write a paragraph about IT training and sent it to Stan for inclusion in the final document. It was also pointed out that if there are some needs in training, it is a matter of clearly communicating those needs, and they will be met. Second, Stan observed that the ITG job description may no longer be appropriate, and that it may be necessary to review each description in order to assure that we take the best advantage of those positions. After it was clear that no more discussion was needed, Paul agreed to take a final look at the document and send it to the Strategic Planning Committee.

Finally, Paul said that he would circulate the annual CIT report to the faculty among CIT members in case there were some additions or suggestions.

The CIT proceeded to elect chair for the coming year. Luis González was elected.

Respectfully submitted by Luis González
April 30, 2007

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