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Committee on Information Technology

Minutes of the March 7, 2007 meeting of the
Committee on Information Technology

Present:  Jonathan Christman, Jay Dominick, Paul Escott, Errin Fulp, Luis González, Joshua King, Wei-chin Lee, Jo Lowe, Delphine Masse, Patrick Morton, Jeff Muday, Susan Smith.

Paul informed the committee that the idea from Rick Mathews about letting students who graduate keep the same email has been considered in the past by the administration. However, it was thought that memory demand could grow astronomically, and vulnerability to viruses and spam could be even greater. The idea was then set aside at least for some time.  Jay addressed the idea of using freeware instead of Blackboard and explained that, in addition to the challenge of converting from one system to the other, the cost in staff support would be greater than the cost of using Blackboard.

Jay and Delphine gave a report on the bidding process for this year’s computer. Jay brought demo laptops from the bidding companies for perusal by the members of the committee. Patrick Morton explained the main differences among the computers available for perusal. Each of the companies has been required to provide more information as the process moves along, and they have been providing it. Both Jay and Delphine described the process as very positive and moving at the anticipated pace. They also stated that Huron Consulting is being very helpful in doing a lot of research and work that is proving very useful in the negotiations.

Paul thanked Jay, Delphine, and Patrick for their report and all their work during the process.

The next meeting of the committee will be on Tuesday, April the 10th at 4:00pm. This meeting is scheduled to immediately follow an important date in the bidding process.

Respectfully submitted by Luis González


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