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Committee on Information Technology

Minutes for the CIT Meeting. September 7, 2006

Present: Debbie Best, Jonathan Christman, Jay Dominick, Paul Escott, Luis González, Wei-chin Lee, Jo Lowe, Delphine Masse, Jeff Muday, Matt Nelkin, Susan Smith, Cecilia Solano, Lloyd Whitehead.


Jay Dominick gave a report on computing issues that should be addressed during this school year. The most pressing issue is an information security policy. See actions taken for information on what is next on this issue and a related one (file storage/backup).

Lloyd Whitehead and Matt Nelkin gave a report on the new design for the university’s web page. Some of the changes that motivated the redesign have already been implemented. However, the new page is on hold due to the strategic plan.

Lloyd and Matt also informed the committee that Creative Services has established an emergency host for the WFU website so that it will be available should something like a power blackout hit Winston-Salem.  The URL is Users should notice that there is no www preceding ‘emergency.’

Jay received several questions/requests on issues related to Banner; querying the student database to get some information for communicating with groups of students with a certain GPA or standing, etc.; and intranet communication between the Reynolda campus and Bowman-Gray. He promised he would look into those issues.

Actions taken or to be taken:

  1. All members of the committee received a first draft of an information security policy that should be adopted by the university. This draft will be discussed in the next CIT meeting to be held on October 12. Jay also said that he would to send an electronic copy of the draft to the CIT listserve.
  2. There is a need to create a group to prepare a policy or plan for institutional file storage/backup.

The next CIT meeting is scheduled for October 12 at 3pm.


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