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Committee on Information Technology

CIT Minutes
March 29, 2006

In Attendance: Jay Dominick, Pat Moran, Giz Womack (for Susan Smith), Matt Nelkin, Stan Thomas, Bill Marcum, Tommy Murphy, Jo Fennel Lowe, Allison Snow, Luis Gonzalez, Paul Escott, Allin Cottrell, Peter Ayoub, Joshua King, Terry Blumenthal.

  • Allison Snow stood in for John Pickel as secretary for this meeting.
  • Next year’s laptop model
    • Choice between the R60 (has yet to come out) and the T60 (is already available)
    • Little discussion or debate
    • R model hard drive is 20% faster but has a decreased battery life due to the machine running 13% more of the time
    • Differences might appear when watching a movie, scanning, working with hi resolution images and video rendering, along with applications such as Mathmatica
    • The 7200 RPM dive in the R model generates a lot of heat; the R52 machines are already having  problems do to the extra heat
    • The R model has a very flexible polymer case while the T60 model has a much more solid case that does not twist and bend (breaking solder joints)
    • VOTE: Unanimous for the T60!!
  • Tablet (X41)
    • Jay brought one for us to examine and play with
    • Will need to know by the end of April (to place orders) but they will not be available until December 2006
    • The CIT requested specifications for the faculty tablet PC*
    • All members at the meeting got to play with the tablet; it will now be taken around to different departments and demonstrated to examine the demand for this kind of laptop.  Jay will report back next year with  feedback from these informational sessions.
  • New Banner
    • Will be up in November 2006, at least for beta testing
  • Focus groups
    • Matt Nelkin and Creative Services have had a lot of focus groups regarding changes made in the University web site to get feedback on the new web design
    • Anyone who would like to participate should contact Matt Nelkin since there are still focus groups being conducted
  • Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources
    • The CIT was contacted regarding the need to update the aforementioned document. This entailed correcting two references where ethical standards and Honor Code issues are discussed. It was decided that adding “Social Rules and Responsibilities” to these two sections was a minor change
    • The two new changes in the Ethical Use document were approved (request from Sarah Mansell)
  • EndNote 9.0 will likely be included on next year’s load.
    • Still working on keyserving EndNote.
    • Barring any unforeseen issue the application will be on the load.
  • OneNote (Jay described this as a possible option for the future)
    • Helps keep track of ALL MS Office products (documents, excel sheets, power point, etc.)
    • Allows for a through search of the Office documents and helps keep these items organized
  • We will be keeping Dreamweaver on the standard load this year; next year may need some discussion and work due to increased cost.
  • Audition
    • Will be coming from the Art Department where it is primarily used
    • Will be available, keyed, upon request
    • We have Audacity now
  • Outlook/MS Exchange Server
    • Jay brought this up again and would like us all to think more about email clients and versatility.
    • The change to Outlook would NOT start Fall 2006 but is another decision the CIT must make for the following year (Fall 2007) load
    • Pat Idol is working on testing Exchange server configurations
  • MobileU
    • Expect 300 – 500 undergraduates to participate
    • Students would pay for device and cellular plan (with Cingular)
    • Focus groups did not get much positive feedback as the academic merit of these devices was at question
    • Also, before launching such a program, perhaps think long and hard about students being willing to come off of their family plan and change providers along with adding another bill
  • Wireless in Classrooms
    • Once again it was brought up that a small percentage of students can use these palm devices to cheat.  IS was asked to consider ways to track or monitor usage, since this is a concern in some departments.
  • Dr. Paul Escott was elected Chair for next year.


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