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Committee on Information Technology

CIT Minutes
February 15, 2006

In Attendance: Jay Dominick, Matt Nelkin, Stan Thomas, Tommy Murphy, Susan Smith, Jo Fennel Lowe, Allison Snow, Luis Gonzalez, Paul Escott, Allin Cottrell, Peter Ayoub, Terry Blumenthal, John Pickel.

1. Matt Nelkin, Creative Services gave an update on the WFU web site redesign. He explained that Creative Services has met the Graduate School to discuss their website (  We have discussed the possibility of relocating the Graduate School website to the WFU web server.  We have also added direct links from the WFU website to all Medical School departments affiliated with the Graduate School.

Matt updated the committee on the redesign of the WFU web site. Creative Services has met with several focus groups composed of faculty, staff, and students to get feedback on test designs. Creative Services is gathering this information as the redesign moves forward.

2. Jay Dominick answered questions about Banner that were submitted to Lee Norris at our last meeting. He explained that most of the interface problems with Banner are inherent to the software, but that a new version is due in October when, hopefully, some of the issues will be resolved. Although he wasn’t happy with the answers he received from the developers of Banner, he will continue to press them to resolve these issues and report back to the committee.

3. 2006 ThinkPad Options. The demonstration ThinkPads had not arrived by the time of our meeting, so Jay passed out a comparison chart of the two options. The most important differences between the T60 and the R60 are the Hard Drive speed, 5400rpm and 7200rpm respectively, and the fact that that the T60 has no firewire port. The T60 weighs 5.9 lbs. The R 60 weighs 6.6 lbs. Jay said that he would have demonstration models at the next meeting. Faculty will also have an option of a tablet laptop, but they will not be available until October.

4.  Jay commented on a list of software on the standard load that he had sent to the committee. Since Adobe bought Macromedia, the cost of Dreamweaver (web design) has become prohibitive. We may need to look for a replacement, or key Dreamweaver. Although Jay favors Outlook as an email client since is integrates calendaring, it appears that Mozilla Thunderbird will be the standard email client and Mozilla Firefox will be the web browser.

The committee adjourned at 5:00 PM.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 15 at 4:00 PM


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