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Committee on Information Technology

CIT Minutes
September 8, 2005

In Attendance: Cherin Poovey, Lloyd Whitehead, Rick Matthews, Bill Markham, Stan Thomas, Tommy Murphy, Susan Smith, Allison Snow, Peter Ayoub, Joshua King, Luis Gonzalez, Jay Dominick, Jo Fennel Lowe, Debbie Best, John Pickel Terry D. Blumenthal.

Report from Jay Dominick

Information Systems is continuing to working with Cisco concerning a glitch on the R52 which sporadically drops modem connections. Jay reported that a conference call with Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and IS did not reveal any easy way to solve the modem problems.  Bill Smith has a few items he will work on.  IS is paying for about 28 iRove accounts for people who have complained about WFU Dialup modem problems.

As follow-up on the R52 screen resolution issue, Jay explained that about 20-25 faculty members have elected to switch screens on the R52. He reiterated that the committee will need to address this issue with the new machines and decide if we want to move away from a single option laptop.
Report from Cherin Poovey, Lloyd Whitehead, Creative Services

Cherin explained that former President Hearn and the Board of Trustees created the “Integrated Marketing Committee” about five years ago. The IMC’s task was to develop a University-wide marketing strategy especially concerning the University web sites as they impact the image of the University. She went on to explain that the current web site is “old technology” using subject based navigation and needs to be updated to audience-based portals.

 Lloyd explained that the new servers are ready to roll out and will be up soon. For now the new “test” site URLs will be and will link to the “old” server until everything is eventually migrated over. He said he understood that there was concern about the migration and that Creative Services will work with everyone to avoid broken links and other problems. Lloyd also explained that the “/~login name” URL will eventually be switched to name.

He went on to explain that after much research and testing, Creative Services has decided to use the software package Macromedia Contribute as the content manager for University sites. A template can be created and departments will input their data.

Rick Matthews, Chair of the Physics department, introduced a document, “Suggested Policies Regarding Administration of the Web Site”. Some of the meeting was spent discussing his concerns with questions and comments from several members of the CIT. Many members are concerned about broken links from professional organizations and scholarly web sites.

Dean Best explained that she had only recently heard about the “Integrated Marketing Committee” and its mission. Many members of the committee felt that these changes were “sprung on us” with little notice. Jay commented that IS had provided quotes for the new servers, but the decision to purchase had not come across his desk.

After much debate and questions to Lloyd, Rick’s document was tabled pending the gathering of more information. Terry asked for volunteers to go to the next Integrated Marketing Committee meeting to ascertain answers to our questions and concerns. Allison Snow and Rick Matthews volunteered.

It was decided that we would continue discussion of this subject at our next meeting, September 25th, 2005.

The committee adjourned at 5:45 PM



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