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Committee on Information Technology

CIT Minutes
4:00 PM, August 25, 2005

In Attendance
: Bill Marcum, Stan Thomas, Tommy Murphy, Susan Smith, Allison Snow, Peter Ayoub, Luis Gonzalez, Jay Dominick, Jo Fennel Lowe, Paul Escott, Debbie Best, John Pickel, Terry Blumenthal 

John Pickel agreed to serve as secretary.

Report from Jay Dominick

The new Sophos server-side anti-spam software is in place and will be ‘rolled out’ within two weeks, after some final testing. Although the Mozilla anti-spam filter works reasonably well, Sophos will catch the spam before it is sent to the POP server by recognizing spam pushers as well as content. The sensitivity will be set low at 40%. User will have access to quarantined messages.
The WIN Login and regular WFU login are now synchronized. Information will be distributed soon. The login/passwords will be the same the next time a password is changed by the user.

Jay brought an R51 and R52 laptop for a side by side comparison. After some discussion, the consensus was that many users, especially students, want the highest resolution possible, while others whose vision isn’t so good need a screen that is sharp at a lower resolution. Unfortunately, the R52 is “soft” at resolutions lower than the native 1400x1050.  As a fix, some faculty members have decided not to upgrade. Jay will be sending an email to ITSs explaining another solution, which is replacing the current screen with a 1024x768 screen. He has 50 from Lenovo for exchange.

Jay explained that this issue brings up a point for later discussion: Does WFU want to stay with a single laptop or move to choices such as smaller and lighter machines with docking stations, or tablet PCs?
There has been much concern and rumor over the new official WFU web site template. Dean Best explained that she had seen the new design and it looks good and is significantly more user friendly. After some discussion the committee moved to invite representatives from Creative Services to a future CIT meeting, to explain their plan and demonstrate the template.

Susan Smith asked the committee if we believed that WFU needs an institutional repository. She believes that there should be a demonstrated need before embarking on such a large endeavor. There was some discussion about copywrite issues, but the committee did not seem enthusiastic.

Susan explained that the newest version of EndNote will not run on a key server. We are currently running version 7.  It works well for most, but doesn’t have Unicode language support. Allison said that it would be nice to have the newest version. Jay explained that is since it costs $199 per license, putting it on the standard load is cost prohibitive.

There was discussion about acquiring replacement computers for graduate students. Jay explained that undergraduate tuition pays for their two year cycle, but this is not the case for graduate students. After further discussion it was suggested that this might be a problem for only a small number of students, and that the concerned graduate students should go the Graduate Dean to request replacements.

A question was raised about how long faculty members are legally required to store email correspondences with students. Dean Best explained that, although there is no campus-wide policy, the one year requirement for tests and other paper documents is a good idea for email as well.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM



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