CIT Minutes

May 5, 2005


In Attendance: Stan Thomas, Tommy Murphy, Susan Smith, Allison Snow, Peter Ayoub, Lee Norris, Pat Morton, Luis Gonzalez, Bill Markham, Kurt Shaw, Jay Dominick, Richard King


Stan distributed a copy of the CIT Annual Report to the Faculty.


Reports from IS


Spam: To date IS has used basic server side techniques to block known spam and has deployed the mail client to filter local spam. IS wants to take next step to a more content based server-side effort to filter spam and phishing. A proposal was brought and presented by Lee Norris. The new proposal uses content filtering and profiles (signatures) for filtering. The goal is to intercept 40% these at as they arrive at the server. Lee presented a flow chart that illustrated how various types of messages would be handled. No objections were voiced. CIT is willing to promote this transition to higher level spam filter. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.


ThinkPad resolution: This year’s model moved from a 1024x768 to a 1400 x 1050 display. The main benefit is the ability to display more on a screen. The downside is that everything is smaller, including fonts. Faculty thinks the new display is too small to read, but students like the added screen real estate. Pat Morton is working on a compromise.


Issues for IS from Stan:


For fall: email security needs to be addressed.

Does Blackboard work better with IE than Mozilla?

The new webmail system doesn’t seem any faster than the old Mailman system


Final committee action for this year: Elect a new chair for next year.

Stan nominated Terry Blumenthal with Terry’s permission. Terry was unanimously elected chair of CIT for the next academic year.


New members of the CIT were announced: Luis Gonzalez and Paul Escott. Ralph Kennedy and Kurt Shaw are rotating off. Student representative Brian Locco is rotating off.