CIT Meeting-8th Floor Conference room                                   April 7th 2005


In Attendance:

  • Stan Thomas
  • Richard King
  • Patrick Morton
  • Bill Marcum
  • Bryan Locco
  • Terry Blumenthal
  • Jay Dominick
  • Peter Ayoub
  • Giz Womack for Susan Smith (taking minutes)


Meeting Called to Order


Discussion of WIN and Network Password Sync

Stan Thomas began the meeting by handing out the agenda and beginning with a discussion of integrating the WIN and Networking passwords. When recently prompted to change his network password, Stan became curious as to the reason we have different WIN and Network Passwords. Stan talked with Jay Dominick and Jay mentioned there were historical reasons for the separation. Patrick had also heard this.


Jay and Bryan arrived at this point and Stan asked if it was socially/politically feasible to sync these two passwords. Jay explained that email password is passed in the open (POP) making the standard password less secure. The decision to have a different WIN password was made before our mandatory password change every six months was implemented. The Dean wanted WIN to be more secure. WIN passwords not forced to change regularly, so they may actually be less secure at this point.


Jay said he would support a move to sync the WIN password to the Network/Email passwords.


Terry made a motion that the CIT request the WIN password be synced with the Network password, seconded by Bill. All were in favor.


Terry asked if you would still have to login to WIN, the answer was “Yes” it is not yet tied into the Network authentication.


Confidentiality Agreement DRAFT

A group on campus is working on a confidentiality agreement. Jay said it was a result of moving to Banner. It is a move to ensure that people with access to information know what they can and cannot do with that information. Confidentially is a part of that, dealing with security and other policies. This policy does not define Confidential Information; it is defined in other documents under development. Those definitions will vary from department to department and business unit to business unit. We cannot restrict all access in all areas that deal with confidential information. This policy addresses confidentiality in those areas. There is not a rule at present they cannot reveal that information to others or search records, this policy covers that.


Jay mentioned #7 (transferring data to home or other systems) is under revision when Terry asked about taking data home. Terry mentioned that faculty often need to move data to home computers and Jay said that is why it is under revision.


Stan said it is his understanding every campus employee would be asked to sign this document. This will cover volunteers, people who might not use a computer, but still might see information on a desk. This is not just related to computer information, but all confidential information.


Bryan asked if #10 meant logging off, ctrl-alt-del. Jay confirmed that.


Jay said first line of the document will be changed to refer to the other policies that will contain the definitions. The major document will be for student records access.


Jay said screens will indicate if information is private, all information in the system is confidential.


Terry asked about grades, Jay said they are covered by FERPA. Jay also mentioned students are asked to sign a form so that we can tell parents student grade information.


Terry expressed concerns about student data collected with permission of the student. Both Terry and Jay agreed it would be covered by the IRB.


Bill had concern with #5. Who does one request authorization from to give out a login and password? Several CIT members mentioned that there are occasions in departments where logins and passwords need to be shared.


Stan had talked about this with some faculty as had been requested. Stan had some negative reactions with regards to academic records. Faculty were concerned that the Banner system is too open, giving too many people access to information than in the past. Jay described it as a different security model. More limited access is not available in current release of the Banner product. Jay said it is not simply the Banner system only. Jay mentioned that occasionally there are cases where faculty collect personal information such as GPA information. This would protect that information as well.


Jay asked the committee for feedback on the agreement. Currently not ready to put the policy up for a vote. Please note this is a DRAFT document only.


Stan asked if it was better to not say this was precipitated by the Banner implementation.


New ThinkPad Model R52

Patrick showed the new ThinkPad and discussed the specifications with the CIT.


Model R52

  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Pentium M 700 Sonoma Chipset (faster, consumes less power)
  • Hard Drive: 80 Gig (4200RPM) 100Gig not available from our preferred source
  • RAM: 1 Gig
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility X300 PCI Express (faster bus, more scalable)
  • VRAM: 64MB
  • Optical: 4x CD-RW/DVD-RW Enhanced Drive (single layer)
  • Connectivity:
    • Wired: Intel Pro/1000 Ethernet
    • Wireless: Phillips/Aetheros A/B/G Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth (New)
    • Infrared
  • Weight: 6.6lb
  • Dimension:
    • Height: 1.50in
    • Depth: 10.6in
    • Width: 13.1in


A discussion began of the uses of Bluetooth. It can be used with handheld devices, cell phones, keyboard, mice, presenters. Bluetooth will be off by default. Terry asked why. Jay and Patrick explained it broadcasts and can be a security risk.


Bluetooth was not an option for the printer this year. Jay mentioned there are some inexpensive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth printers out there these days.


Richard asked about 5400 RPM hard drives. Patrick said price was too high


Stan asked what the two printers being considered were. Patrick named the HP1610and Dell 924 models. The Dell is a re-branded Lexmark and has many of the same issues the Lexmark had when we used them. The HP had better speed and quality; also the HP had a more intuitive interface. Additionally the help desk reports very few problems with the HP printers.


Peter asked if only freshmen get printers. Jay confirmed that only freshmen get printers and they keep them for all 4 years.


Stan asked about issues with the scanning software last year. Patrick explained that by not pre-installing the HP control panel we could avoid the problem from last year.


Stan requested Adobe Audition for the load, formerly known as “Cool Edit” Art, CSC, Psychology, and Romance Languages all use it. Jay said John Henderson is getting information on it.


Patrick mentioned that QuickTime is now bundled with iTunes now which raises licensing questions. He is investigating those questions.


Motion by jay to recommend the machine, Stan seconded the motion, all approved. Motion passed.


Banner Registration

Jay said Banner registration is LIVE!! He also said that Babcock registered on Wednesday and they all got registered in 90 minutes. They hope to increase registration from 25 students every 15 minutes to a much larger number thanks to Banner. There were no reports of lockouts.


Additionally, Accounts receivable is live in Banner, as is Graduate Financial Aid. Jay said it had all been very successful. Stan mentioned some departments are discussing having students do major registration in Banner.


Jay mentioned we are now buying some Dell desktop and servers. Chemistry was an example of a new Dell desktop lab. Richard mentioned he could save money going with Dell Desktops. Richard asked if it was an issue with the IBM contract. Desktops and servers are not under the limitations of the IBM contract. Jay said the Dells ship fast and completed, not in parts as IBM often does.


The meeting adjourned at 5pm.