CIT Minutes



In Attendance: Stan Thomas, Susan Smith, Jon Pickel, Tommy Murphy, Peter Ayoub, Richard King, Bill Marcum, Lee Norris (for Jay), Kurt Shaw, Brian Locco, Terry Blumenthal


Topics for Discussion


Follow up on statement to be added to Undergraduate catalog pertaining to necessity of regularly monitoring email

On the CIT list, there was some discussion about the preference of using the term “regularly” vs. designating a specific time period. Stan passed this along to committee. The proposal will be presented to the undergraduate faculty soon.


VPN policy statement

The revised draft was reviewed. A vote was taken to approve the policy as revised.


Update from IS (Lee Norris).


Horde (Replacement for Mailman Web email service) will go live first in the Law school. It should be up and running early in January. Because Law doesn’t use pop, testing needs to be done for pop use. IS want to pilot this ( IS, CIT and library) and turn it on last week in January. Horde is available from anywhere as with Mailman, has an improved user interface and handles attachments better than Mailman.


TurnItIn is licensed thru 9/21/05. Will probably be paying the next invoice in Aug. Cost per seat 60 cents and could go to 70 cents. To date, IS has split licensing with Dean’s office. Beth Boyd has lead on this and offers training sessions to faculty. Stan asked about how well it has been marketed to departments. Currently, Beth sends information to the ITGs who forward it on. Peter: up to professor. Stan suggested reminding faculty members that it is available. Richard suggested informing the student body that it is available to faculty and it can be used.


Load build process is cranking up for next year.


EndNote: Two versions are now in use: 6 and 7. We have 50 licenses and 5 of these have portable keys. To upgrade to version 8 is $6500; the upgrade will be put on Next year’s load. There was a Discussion of the need to increase both the number of portable keys and length of time the keys can be checked out. A recommendation was made to increase the number of portable keys to 10 and to increase the check out time to two weeks (from 3 days). Terry moved to vote on the change. A vote was taken and the recommendation was passed by the committee.


Old Business


Terry reported there is still has no solution for accessing the campus network from home on Windows 98. He still can’t get to the Psychology server.


Terry also reported that he continues to get prompts to install Service pack 1.1 on a weekly basis. Lee said a fix had been determined for this: must uninstall then reinstall.


Next Meeting

The committee will continue to meet at 2:00 on the first Thursday for spring semester.  The next meeting will be in February. Details will be sent after the holidays.