CIT Meeting Minutes 11/4/ 2004


In Attendance:

StanThomas, John Pickel, Jay Dominick, Susan Smith, Bill Marcum, Peter Ayoub, Richard King, Kurt Shaw, Bryan Locco, Terry Blumenthal


Agenda Topics for Discussion


Spam distributed to CIT email addresses

There was a consensus not to restrict CIT incoming mail to list members only at this item. If spam level gets too high, Stan will receive mail then forward out to us.


VPN Policy: Presented by Jay Dominick

Setting up Virtual Private Network has taken 6 months. It sets up secure connection (Cisco gateway behind the firewall) and allows users access to everything they have access to on campus. It also will provide security for those who are traveling.


Jay reported that the policy is intended for vendors who support WFU systems. Many require root privilege and currently we just hope they use SSH. For students and faculty, we are already under a policy.


Bill asked about speed if the system has many simultaneous users. Jay says they don’t expect this. Stan noted it could be a bit slower because it’s encrypting as it sends.


There are plans to turn off the VPN connection if it is left unattended for a certain length of time.


Stan questioned wording on item 10. Jay changed wording from “must use” to “are strongly encouraged to use” most up to date anti-virus software.


Bill: question #1 under “Policy” does not specify faculty; only staff and students. Jay changed wording to read “University employees and students”.


Jon asked about the capability to use VPN on public networks. Jay says this is what it is designed for.


Publicity on the new system will be handled by Information Systems.


Jay confirmed that Cisco VPN software is available for PDA’s. It was suggested that the help desk be prepared to assist with this.


The draft of the VPN policy will be voted upon at next month’s meeting. Once approved will be put on the Web site. Jay will send draft policy to Department Heads for comments this month.



Internet access for students traveling

This is a non-trivial issue.



How do you distinguish between students traveling for sports vs. one on spring break?


Is there a budget to support this? Answer: Nothing is set up now and no budget is set aside.


A suggestion was made to consider informing students of current options available to them.


Jay looked at IRove site Rick Matthews mentioned. This solution may be implemented for faculty. IS will do a pilot with IRove before Christmas break.


Additional Topics



Jay brought figures on spam as a result of last month’s discussion. We are blocking 35,000 per day. These are the ones nobody sees. These come from  a list of IPs that are rejected at the server.  However, users are not notified, so will never know some spam has been rejected in addition to what they receive.


The mail scanner from Sophos looks for viruses and deletes the message if it contains one. There is also the ability to make decisions about whether a message is spam. It adds [spam] into subject line then individual users can filter however they want.  Jay will have this piloted and turned on in a couple weeks. It won’t delete anything, just send it on to the user labeled as [spam].


Web mail client

Horde has been selected. It has a much nicer, cleaner look than Mailman. IS hopes to have a demo soon. It will be turned on for the Law School by Thanksgiving, and will be available for everyone after Christmas. URL to their site:  

Users will still get all the spam when using Horde:  there aren’t filters for Web mail.



John asked about the new system not being able to handle letters in course numbers. The problem is that the 4th character letter designator means different things to different departments. It becomes a question of rationalizing a lettering scheme for course numbers. According to Stan, Dean Best has a group trying to work on figuring out what’s best. Departments may be asked to reconsider course numbers to be consistent.


Next meeting

December 2, 2:00 pm, Library Conference Room