CIT Meeting Minutes 10/7/2004


In Attendance: Tommy Murphy, Allison Snow, John Pickel, Jay Dominick, Stan Thomas, Lynn Sutton, Peter Ayoub, Terry Blumenthal, Susan Smith, Bryan Locco, Debbie Best



The committee welcomed new member, undergraduate Peter Ayoub.


Corrections to Minutes/Responses to issues from last meeting:

There was a question from the last meeting regarding the status of offering online registration for graduate students. Dominick reported that there are plans to implement this, according to Debbie DeHeck.


Reports from Information Systems

Dominick responded to a question from Snow on how to ensure online privacy to undergraduates. Information Systems is working on placing a student profile on the install menu that will give undergraduates VPN access from off-campus. Discussion included an explanation of security on the new network, including the wireless network. Dominick reported that a goal of devising a method to offer the ability to sign documents digitally.


The issue of wireless status for graduate students was raised and discussed. Continuing issues:


New topics:


Internet access for students traveling on university business (i.e. athletes).

There is concern that traveling students encounter difficulty doing academic work due to inconsistent access capability to the Internet. The Athletic Dept. cannot provide accounts to athletes unless the same benefit is offered to all traveling students (non-athletes). Stan asked if, money permitting, would it be practical to incorporate some set of students into the package being offered currently to faculty to receive some level of free access per month? Jay said it would not be a technical problem, but there is a cost issue that would have to be considered. Continuing access to AGN on a wide basis is not an option due to cost. Stan asked committee members to take this issue to their colleagues for input.


The issue of remote access to email was raised. Information Systems has plans to replace Mailman at some point in the future and is currently working on a mail solution project with the law school.


Disabling wireless network access during exams

Snow reported that some of her faculty has expressed concern about the increased potential for cheating on exams due to the wireless network. There is a preference by some faculty to require taking exams using Word to minimize illegibility due to poor handwriting. With the advent of wireless, it is difficult to monitor whether students are accessing the network during testing. Is there a way to get a report on who may have accessed a particular AP during the testing period?


Some committee members remarked that more simple solutions include returning to handwritten exams with no laptops/other devices allowed in the room, or relying on the Honor Code.


Dominick asked if a demonstration of Secure Exam to her faculty would be helpful. This program allows professors to lock down what students can do on their computers.


There was a general consensus that a technology solution is not the best way to go on this issue. Blumenthal asked if there is any reference to technology use in the honor code.



Snow asked about the effectiveness of current spam prevention efforts. Some of her faculty continues to have problems and the Mozilla junk filter is not working for them.

Dominick explained the policy issues of whether to stop spam at the server level or at the client level. By policy WFU hasnít taken the most aggressive approach on the server side because that means someone else is making decisions on what spam means for everyone when many believe it is an individual decision.


Additonal topics/questions


Ayoub asked how the wireless effort is going. Dominick acknowledged some continuing problems in coverage (ie in Luter). Information Systems is evening out the coverage through additional A access points to supplement the BG. Fifty of these are currently being installed around campus. Also, cell roaming (finds another AP if the signal drops below a certain percentage point) is not currently operating. Information Systems is working with IBM to resolve this issue.


Snow asked about the procedure for upgrading software for graduate students. Dominick will check where to go to get software.


Thomas asked about the status of the SP2 upgrade.Information Systems is working through the issues involved with rolling this out.


Next Meeting

November 4, 2:00 p.m., Library Conference Room, 8th floor.