CIT Meeting Minutes 9/2/04


Present: Stan Thomas (chair, Computer Science), Jay Dominick (CIO), Kurt Shaw (Romance Lang.), Bryan Locco (undergraduate), John Pickel (Art), Ralph Kennedy (Philosophy), Tommy Murphy (ITS, Chemistry), Bill Marcum (Calloway), Richard King (ITS, Psychology), Susan Smith (ZSR Library), and Allison Snow (graduate student).


Recording Secretary:Susan Smith


Report from IS

Jay gave an update on the new generation network which replaced the old campus network plus added wireless. The new network was installed April through August. They are still doing some clean-up work (mentioned Math/Computer Science Building) that should be finished up by mid October.


Most problems have been with wireless connections:R40 laptops (last yearís model) are experiencing the most problems. The access points profiles installed last spring are outdated, so many students have problems connecting. This caused much disruption the first week of classes since many students were told to bring laptops to class to work with them. Wired network connectivity is gone from the classrooms now, so they had problems connecting with the wireless. Example cited: one class needed to update the SPSS application license and couldnít connect.

Allison reported that there are many problems with the graduate student population and computing at WFU. Teaching assistants in Biology are unable to connect in labs because wired connections are gone and the grad students were not issued wireless cards (they have been invited to buy them for $60).


Many of the wireless connection problems cause the only connection possibility to be to log on as a guest. As a guest, you canít browse the network; however, you can get to on-campus resources by typing the path into the Run dialog box. Then you will be prompted for your username and password.


IS is sending staff around to the residence halls to help with any student computing issues Ė including logging into the network, spyware, etc. Turnout has not been high.


Stan asked Jay to give an update on the Banner project. HR will be up in Jan., Finance soon after that. Registration will be ready in March 2005.The decision has to be made whether to use the new system for pre-registration for Fall 2005 (in March), to wait until summer 2005 registration, or to wait until August.It will be up to the Registrarís Office as to when they feel comfortable making the switch.


WIN will be moving to its fourth generation in the next 18 months. IS has been holding focus groups to gather input for the next version.


Jay reported that one of the biggest unresolved issues facing IS is how to insure that students actually receive broadcast and classroom related messages. Traditionally, these messages have been sent via voice mail. However, many students have gone completely to cell phones and arenít activating their land line accounts on campus. Many professors are finding out about this piecemeal, after leaving messages that donít get received. Or students provide them with a long distance cell phone number. Jay says IS will try to look at how to solve the problem strategically. They will be looking for a way for a person to issue one message and have it delivered in multiple formats: email, voice mail, cell phone, IM, etc.


The modem pool is still being debugged.A few bugs are causing big problems. One of the problems is that it issues duplicate IP numbers, which will knock you off the network if your number gets issued to another dial in. As of this time AGN (AT&T Global Network) accounts have not been terminated.


Discussion Topics

Stan brought up the question of whether there is interest in a central large format printer for use for posters. A few departments have bought their own.BioMedical Communications on the Bowman Gray campus offers this service.


Allison asked about secured email, if the university is considering SPOP or any other secure system. Jay says that VPN will provide this and they will be putting out instructions for using VPN shortly.


The group decided that the best time for meeting would be the 1st Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm.