CIT Notes 03/01/04

In Attendance: Bob Swofford, Jay Dominick, Umit Akinc, Bryan Locco, Will Butler, Paul Marley, Ralph Kennedy, Richard King, Wayland Caldwell, Susan Smith, Kurt Shaw

Graduate School Representative on CIT

-motion made, seconded and approved that a student from the Graduate School of Arts

& Sciences be selected to serve on the CIT -this must be approved by College faculty now -Grad School should be asked to nominate/select a student to be the representative

Turnitin Software

-not well-known among faculty -Ralph Kennedy has used it

oliked it oonly time he got a positive report was when he accidentally re-submitted a paper

ohe just started using this semester -Umit suggested it be publicized not only to faculty but to students as well -Jay will propose to Dean Escott that they split the cost again as last year

omotion made as above, seconded and approved


-Physics had 2 laptops and 1 desktop stolen from locked office -Scales had 2 thefts from locked offices -deductible changed about 2 years ago -Paul suggested that Roz add a mention of the number of Thinkpads stolen each year

(20-40 per year) to the Thinkpad training script

Wireless Spectrum Management Policy

-Bob suggested adding link to Page 3 #4 to the WFU Computer Use Policy -typo in FAQs is being fixed -motion to approve, seconded and approved

Policy on IT Security

-adding “preamble” on why this policy is necessary -departments are being made aware of this via ITG’s somewhat -suggested that we review some more before officially voting to recommend

Thinkpad Configuration

-Jay will announce officially at next meeting

  1. oR51

  2. o768MB RAM

  3. oIntel Pentium M 1.5GHz

  4. o15” LCD

  5. o32MB Video RAM

  6. oDVD-RW (2x)

  7. o80GB Hard Drive

  8. o2 USB ports

  9. o1 IEEE1394 (Firewire) port

  10. ono Bluetooth

  11. omodem

  12. oWI-FI (802.11a/b/g)

Sharing Configuration on Desktops/Laptops -Paul Marley says that sharing on the Thinkpads needs to be setup the same as it is on the desktops -Jay will mention to Pat Morton