CIT Notes 03/01/04

In Attendance: Bob Swofford, Jay Dominick, Umit Akinc, Bryan Locco, Richard King, Wayland Caldwell, Susan Smith, Kurt Shaw

Jay Reports on: (1) New Wireless Spectrum Management Policy, (2) New Information Technology Security Policy and (3) New Thinkpad Configuration

New Wireless Spectrum Management Policy

- necessary for successful rollout of wireless on campus

  1. o eliminate interference problems

  2. o interference from cordless phones are biggest concern ƒ problems would be interference on phone or drop in rate on Access Point

(AP) -not worried about 900MHz – 928MHz

oif you have a cordless phone, it needs to be 900MHz -2.4GHz

    1. o Bluetooth (not restricted) ƒ Bluetooth devices can cause problems with other Bluetooth devices

    2. • interference between Bluetooth zones ƒ 15-30 foot range – personal area network ƒ Bluetooth has very limited security
  1. o no cordless 2.4GHz phones will be allowed

ƒ difficult to enforce – would probably show up as causing collisions on APs -WI-FI

o no outside APs allowed on campus

ƒ would cause interference -5.7GHz

o reserved for data communications

  1. o802.11a uses this frequency -Future ISM Bands

    1. ojust want to reserve -Hotspots

      1. o any time you bring a wireless device to campus, you will have to authenticate to the WFU network before receiving an IP address

        1. o there will be some public hotspots in places like the library, Benson, etc., but not

        2. many of these ƒ these will be outside the firewall…..Internet-only connections
      2. o you will be able to bring your own wireless network card, but it must support Cisco’s CCX (Cisco Compatible Extensions Program for Wireless LAN devices) program to ensure compatibility with the Cisco APs

New Information Technology Security Policy

- necessary due to Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (

o act was targeted at IT security in banking industry and others holding financial information, but higher ed. did not get exempted from it

orequires us to have security policies oother laws involved as well (HIPAA since we do have some departments that would have student medical information) -it will be up to the individual departments to create and maintain security plans and policies

regarding how the dept. handles confidential student information

- Bob suggested we add to the introduction the reason this is necessary

- Social Security numbers are of primary concern

- WFU Compliance Office will do seminars and help with implementation, etc. – IS Dept.

will help with this -anyone operating servers are considered “providers” of information/data, so you will need security policies written on administration of security on those servers -WFU Compliance Office will audit your policies and will test how easy it is to get a password, etc. -Jay said it is probably not a good idea for departments to take credit cards or credit card information at all -Umit suggested that IS or Compliance Office create a “template” security policy for the departments to go by in drafting their own -Bob suggested there should be an FAQ

  1. o lots of issues to cover with FAQ, but would be extremely helpful

  2. o Jay agreed that an FAQ would be appropriate

New Thinkpad Configuration

- changes to be considered are:

o DVDRW vs CDRW drive ƒ Richard said Yip says the IBM DVDRW drives may not be good quality and

their new drive may not be out in time for the load ƒ backup issues discussed

• external (USB 2.0) hard drives cheap and being used quite a bit by faculty for this purpose

    1. o larger hard drive

    2. ƒ Richard said his faculty don’t come close to filling up the 40GB drives on the R40 and that maybe a better/faster 40GB drive may be desired more than a larger one
    1. o USB Flash Memory Key ƒ 64MB sizes are very cheap – even given away for free at many trade shows, etc.

    2. ƒ Bryan said he thinks this would be very handy for students since they are constantly transferring files between computers
  1. o several attendees indicated that Bluetooth was not needed and that the Firewire port was needed since users are now used to using camcorders with their R40s and the ITC is even teaching classes in Microsoft Movie Maker, etc.