CIT Notes 02/02/04

In Attendance: Bob Swofford, Jay Dominick, Umit Akinc, Giz Womack (guest to report on Blackboard Retention Policy Emplementation), Will Butler, Bryan Locco, Richard King, Wayland Caldwell, Paul Marley, Susan Smith, Kurt Shaw, Ralph Kennedy

Proposal re: meeting frequency

-Ralph Kennedy had proposed that the CIT meet only once a month since we didn’t have much on the agenda for some of the meetings during the Fall semester. -Jay Dominick suggested that there will probably be much more to discuss during the Spring semester (with all the network upgrades, etc.) -It was suggested that we continue with the same schedule and postpone meetings as necessary when the agenda is brief.

Blackboard Retention Policy (attached is the policy after revision)

-policy presented by Giz Womack from the Library -deletion starts 18 months after end of semester -50 mb quota suggested

  1. o could be raised upon request

  2. o Rich Ray and Giz found much video and Powerpoint presentations with audio (uncompressed)

ƒ video would be best placed on the streaming server -Ralph Kennedy suggested changing quota to 100mb -motion made, seconded and approved with amendment to change quota to 100mb

Update on Network Upgrades (Jay Dominick)

-contract signed with Cisco in December 2003 to replace campus networks (all network electronics replaced and wireless network installed) -wired network will go from 10Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s with appropriate upgrades to backbone capacity -IP address range will be changed to the private range (10.x.x.x)

oservers will keep public addresses (including departmental servers) -two sets of firewalls oone at edge of campus ƒ DMZ for public web servers oone for protecting campus computers – packet filtering ƒ particularly for situations like this past fall with the RPC attacks -VPN implemented for allowing authorized traffic (allow Windows resource sharing capabilities from off-campus again) -network will be segmented by building to enable more effective quarantine of attacks,

etc. -work will begin in February and March – equipment has already begun to arrive -will see more planned outages and less unplanned outages

o we have been having brownouts because of Enterasys problems

-will get rid of admin physical network – all this traffic will be handled by VPN -wireless update

o wireless will be primary method of connectivity in classrooms and secondary

method of connectivity everywhere else ƒ wired jacks in classrooms will be inactive once wireless is in place

o 802.11b and g with 802.11a hotspots

• laptops will have cards compatible with all 3 protocols

• there will be some external cards available -tightening down DHCP

o users won’t be able to bring just any computer to campus and get IP Address ƒ will be required to authenticate prior to getting the WFU IP address (like a hotel)

ƒ guest accounts can be created with restricted access (like maybe only go out to Internet and not WFU internal resources)

• there will also be WI-FI hotspots guests could use -IS may be getting back into the “modem pool business”

  1. o would get rid of AGN

  2. o may be able to implement 800 number for dial-in and still save over cost of

AGN -IS will have recommendation soon for more effective spam filtering system

  1. o we only block specific senders at this point

  2. o new system would block based on content as well

onew system would be server-based -VoIP (Voice over IP)

  1. o network upgrades will include capability of transmitting voice

  2. o plans on usage of this system are just beginning – nothing firm

    1. o will have software available (not on this year’s standard load) to place calls via Internet

    2. ƒ not yet sure how they will bill for this service – does use the POTS at some point
  3. o eventually the existing Lucent Meridian telephone system will be integrated with the data network

WFU Blackboard Course Retention and User List Policy February 3, 2004 Course Retention Policy

Course instructors are responsible for backing up Blackboard Courses at the end of each semester using the Archive feature in Blackboard.