CIT Notes 10/20/03

In Attendance: Bob Swofford, Umit Akinc, Susan Smith (subbing for Roz Tedford), Terry Blumenthal, Kurt Shaw, Paul Marley (subbing for John Pickel), Will Butler, Bryan Locco, Richard King, Wayland Caldwell

Richard King will take official minutes for meetings.

Bob asked if any of the ITG members present were involved in the CFLIX project. None were.

Bob discussed Program Link:

-SCT Banner is vendor

-$6.5 million project

-Gordon McRay is chairing the Steering Committee

Reviewed and approved minutes from 3 previous meetings.

Terry Blumenthal asked how it would be possible to block specific network services (instant messaging, email, etc.) via the future wireless network. -couldn’t someone right outside room in hallway also possibly have those services blocked by mistake? -couldn’t someone inside the room utilize an access point just outside the room, thus bypassing the blocks?

Meeting adjourned.