CIT Minutes 09/29/03


In Attendance: Bob Swofford, Terry Blumenthal, Jay Dominick, Paul Marley (subbing for John Pickel), Bryan Locco, Roz Tedford (subbing for Susan Smith), Richard King, Wayland Caldwell




- Complete campus-wide wireless by Fall 2004, with some of it done by Christmas this year (probably a dorm, an academic bldg, and a common area or two to test)

This depends on contract negotiations with Cisco

- Wireless will be mostly 802.11g with some A/G hotspots

- Still an issue about 802.11b compatibility on 802.11g access points; the problem is that implementing ‘b’ on a ‘g’ network drops the speed of the access point

- Info. Systems is working on major infrastructure changes and upgrades, including routers, layer 3 switches, 100Mbit ports across campus, etc. and this has to be done prior to the wireless implementation

- IS is planning for VoIP (Voice Over IP); this will mean implementing QoS (Quality of Service) on network to prioritize traffic (voice vs. data)

- More security will be involved in the infrastructure upgrades; layer 3 switches will be used in many places rather than routers

- Currently there has been no plan for cards for the older A30’s, and IS probably will discourage purchasing PCMCIA cards because of security being implemented on wireless AP’s (authentication required, etc.)

- Terry Blumenthal brought up the point that the grad student machines are 2 years behind so it will be 2 years before they would be able to utilize wireless on campus

- Jay said they may have to look into “authorizing” (qualifying) a card for purchase so that these students would have access

- For next year’s new “cool device”, IS is thinking about a cell phone/pda device in addition to the laptops, something that will use campus network then roam to public network when off campus

- The old Symbol equipment coming out probably in March, 2004

- There will be routers in Reynolda and 1 router + switches in each bldg.

- Upgrades are not yet planned out well enough to the point where we can let users know about the plan; Jay will try and get the message out by the end of October