CIT Minutes 9/15/03


Attendees: Bob Swofford, Terry Blumenthal, Ralph Kennedy, Kurt Shaw, Jay Dominick, Paul Marley (substituting for John Pickel), Bryan Locco, Susan Smith, Richard King, Wayland Caldwell


General welcome and introduction of new and returning members


New on the horizon: CIT probably needs to be involved in:

Program Link

IBM Contract Renewal

Copyright Issues

CFLIX – streaming video on demand on campus network (copyright issues!)


Committee on Copyright

Roz Tedford, ITC, and Elisabeth Leonard, Head Reference Librarian are co-chairs

WFU must have a policy in place outlining how we use materials in accord with the TEACH act (which has never been tested in courts)

Previous CIT-written policy was limited to how we control copyright of materials created by our faculty, staff, and students

There are two lawyers on the committee – Anita Conrad, Univ. Counsel’s Office, and Simone Rose, WFU Law School and expert on copyright.

Committee hopes its work is completed by Christmas


Security Issues (Update from Jay Dominic)

Recent virus attacks: we were relatively unprepared for the onslaught

IS chose to focus more on the Cisco warning (out at the same time as the MS warning) rather than on the one from Microsoft

IS turned off incoming ports after July warning came out

Approximately 45 infected machines on the network were found to be broadcasting excessively as a result of the virus

Approximately 130 machines were placed in “time out” – i.e., their broadcasting capability was shut off.

Servers were not affected

ACAD1 started rebooting repeatedly on its own – a typical indicator of virus infection behavior

Systems folks over-reacted, thinking it was an infection, and shut down the entire network

Fortunately, it turned out to be a server bug – not a virus infection, but rather a server software bug in sharing legitimate files among machines.


The SoBig Virus initially slipped through Sophos mail-scanning software before the updated patterns were retrieved. Normally Sophos scans ~4000 viruses per week; that week it scanned over 250,000

A discussion ensued about the problems caused by Sophos notifications – (normally Sophos sends an email notice of virus to both sender and recipient. But since so many sender email addresses are “spoofed” or forged, this generates excessive and alarming (to the spoofed sender) email. CIT voted to turn off Sophos notifications in both directions


Re-engineering the WFU network

Jay Dominic told of plans to re-engineer the entire WFU Reynolda network, moving to a routed network with firewalls at strategic locations.

There will be firewalls/routers of some sort placed on the network

The network will be segmented (subnetted) probably by building

This will take place throughout the year

All Cisco routers are to be upgraded. There will be several routers in the middle of the network and probably routers in each building.

The outcome should be a network that will be much easier to manage and much easier to have control over issues such as virus/worm protection/quarantine.

Jay also told of a new product they are going to implement called SUS, a Microsoft product for network administrators. SUS  will pop up a notice on the user’s screen alerting the user to updated virus information files, patches from Microsoft, etc. The popups are controlled by IS. The patches listed on popups will have been tested and certified by IS. IS is hoping that this system can be made to work off-campus as well

Jay also informed CIT that IS is turning off outbound file sharing in Kazaa, Morpheus, etc. via the login script. While users can turn sharing back on, it will be turned off again every time they login to the network


Program Link

o replacing pretty much all campus admin systems

o necessary because of HP discontinuing HP3000 / MPE platform

o this will take 4 years to complete

o CIT needs to nominate a representative for this committee

o 864 business requirements for this project

o Bob Swofford will represent CIT on the committee



Tamara Greenwood no longer with the University. Carole Browne, faculty nominations committee, will be responsible for finding a candidate to replace her – preferably from Calloway and technology-oriented.