Committee on Information Technology


March 5, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. Present were members Bernadine Barnes, Rhoda Channing, Jay Dominick, Rick Matthews, Leah McCoy, and Steve Wicker, and guest Lee Norris and Tim Covey.

Tim Covey and Lee Norris presented a major security flaw in Windows 2000 and other versions of Windows NT. The flaw was reported to make it possible for anyone with administrative privileges on an NT system to gain access to the entire encrypted password database of the campus and to then crack all the passwords within hours. Tim, Lee, and Jay recommended staying with Windows 98 or Windows ME for the next round of machines in order to limit the number of machines that could launch such an attack. The CIT supported this recommendation.

Rick Matthews reported that the Human Resources had presented to the chairs a draft of an ACS career ladder plan that addressed all the concerns that had been raised by the CIT. A near final version of the document had been circulated by Rick to the committee by e-mail, and he will seek to get the final version from HR for the committee's inspection.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Matthews