Committee on Information Technology

Minutes 2/20/01

Present: Rhoda Channing, Jay Dominick, Paul Escott, Tyler Koop, Rick Matthews (Chair), Ananda Mitra, Steve Wicker.

The first topic discussed was SAMBA, which is not working right with the case of some file names, rather than accepting them as written. Although the problems were thought to be fixed, they were not. Some faculty may have made adjustments. The CIT decided that the problems with SAMBA should be corrected as the assumption that case is preserved is the natural expectation. Those faculty who have already adapted to the current situation are likely to be the ones best able to deal with the software as corrected. Information will be offered on WIN.

The next agenda item was a problem sometimes experienced with Lexmark Printers and Adobe Distiller ( a pdf creator). Graphics sometimes appear garbled. This does not happen on HP printers. Professor Mitra reported the same problem with printing tables from SPSS. The SPSS problems occur both on the Lexmarks and on lower end HPs. Information Systems has reported the problem and a solution awaits further investigation.

A general discussion of printers followed, with Jay Dominick predicting that future networked laser printers acquired will also be scanners and copiers. Xerox, Panasonic and other machine are being tested in certain departments.

PaintShop Pro has been requested several times as a program to generate original computer art, logos, buttons, animations and overlays. The cost makes it prohibitive on the standard load, and the committee discussed how many licenses would really be needed. Macromedia Freehand was mentioned as a possible substitute, depending on price and functionality.

Remote access and the slow speed and narrow bandwidth available prompted a discussion of alternatives to the AT&T global network. Use averages under 20 hours a month, but it costs the university a great deal. Roadrunner would improve the speed enormously, but so far there are no good prices on offer. Dominick would like to find a way for Roadrunner to connect to our network. Prof. Mitra inquired about VPN, (Virtual Private Network) a network which could provide transparent access to the network resources and servers. It is not likely to be available soon.

Jay Dominick shared some information about next year’s TP: It will have a 14" TFT screen and may have a CD writer. It will probably not have wireless built in.

At the next meeting, March 6, Jay will discuss the big security problems with WIN2000, and we will look at the options for the operating system for next year.

Respectfully submitted, Rhoda Channing