Committee on Information Technology

Oct. 31, 2000

In attendance: Bernadine Barnes, Rhoda Channing, Jay Dominick, Beth Boyd (for Steve Wicker), Tyler Koop, Lindsey Evans, Rick Mathews, and Leah McCoy.

There was a discussion about the format to be used for archiving of documents. Different ideas that included HTML, ASCII, PDF and RTF were discussed and it was agreed that a simple recommendation for HTML and ASCII would be drafted by the committee. RC agreed to draft the recommendation.

RC pointed out the problems of Internet access from the atrium of the library. JD clarified that the problem was due to older wiring and the difficulty of digging through the concrete. JD clarified too that the campus would have a reliable and ubiquitous wireless system in about 2 years which should address the access problems.

RM pointed out that ex-WFU people would like to gain access to the internal USENET boards. JD said that this was easily done by IS by opening up the specific board for world-wide access. This would result in making the private WFU groups public and accessible by anyone including non-WFU people. RM would ask the USENET users within WFU how they would feel about such an "open access" and based on RM's report future action will be contemplated.