Committee on Information Technology

Oct. 17, 2000

The Committee on Information Technology met at 4:00 p.m. in Olin Physical Laboratory. In attendance were Brenda Balzer and Ralph Pederson of Human relations and CIT members Beth Boyd (for Steve Wicker), Rhoda Channing, Wayne King, Tyler Koop, Rick Matthews, and Leah McCoy.

Ralph Pederson, Human Resources Director, and Brenda Balzer, Associate Director of Human Resources, met with the CIT to discusss the status of the career ladder plan for the Academic Computing Specialists. Such a plan was still not available, but the committee was promised that this was a high priority and that the committee would have an opportunity to comment on any proposed draft.

The committee also discussed briefly a proposal from Allin Cottrell that the CIT move to encourage open and non-proprietary formats for web documents. Allin cited growing use of Word documents on web pages and pointed out that these may not be readily viewable on non-Windows platforms or in the future.