Committee on Information Technology


Oct. 3, 2000

In attendance were Rick Matthews, Rhoda Channing, Bernadine Barnes, Jay Dominick, Tyler Koop, Lindsey Evans, Gordon McCray, Leah McCoy, and Steve Wicker.

The revised policy on copyright ownership of works created by members of the university community was approved unanimously.

Most of the remaining time of the meeting was devoted to a discussion on the use of Napster and similar file-sharing programs on campus. Jay Dominick presented an overview of the problem:

What can be done: The committee agreed that at this point, information about the problem should be presented to the university community, and that Information Systems should begin to gather specific information about Napster usage by segments of the community. Gordon McCray also suggested that a plan be put in place, so that if Napster is found to be illegal by the courts, we can immediately take steps to stop its use on campus.  Rick Matthews pointed out that the Computer Usage policy does say that use of computers in a way that limits the availability of resources to others is prohibited.

Other matters discussed: