Committee on Information Technology


Sept. 19, 2000

In attendance were Tyler Koop, Lindsey Evans, Gordon McCray, Leah McCoy, Ananda Mitra, Bernadine Barnes, Steve Wicker, Rick Matthews, Wayne King, and Jay Dominick.

Dean Escott charged the CIT this spring to develop a recommendation for a policy on copyright ownership of works created by members of the university community. The committee created a subcommittee consisting of Rhoda Channing, Wayne King, and Rick Matthews to draft such a proposal. The proposal was circulated and discussed online beginning in late spring. The subcommittee presented its draft 2.2, incorporating comments it received. It also incorporated a few ideas from the corresponding document for the medical campus, which in turn was a modification of the subcommittee's draft 2.1. Rick Matthews led a discussion of the reasoning for the major sections of the proposal. The only change that developed in the ensuing discussion was to include faculty and staff in the instructions of Section XI, item D, regarding obligations of authors. Rick Matthews agreed to incorporate this change into a new draft and distribute it to the committee.

Several concerns and questions were raised by members:

Members of the committee listed several items to be discussed in future meetings: