CIT, April 18, 2000

Present: Brown, Channing, Cottrell, King, Koop, McCoy, McCray, Norris (for Dominick), Wicker.

The meeting was given over to a presentation from Vice President Brown on the general issue of faculty training in the use of technology. With the downsizing of ICCEL and the end of funding for CELI, Dr. Brown sees a need for some other group or groups to step forward and provide opportunities for faculty to develop in the further use of technology in the classroom. He suggested that the CIT and possibly the Teaching and Learning Center might wish to assume the leadership role. The contribution of the STARS was mentioned, and although some faculty may have learned enough from the STAR to continue their projects after the semester, many projects languished once the semester was ended.

Dr. Brown asked the committee to take a short quiz evaluating how well Wake Forest compares to the other top "wired" institutions, and much discussion followed. There was the sense that we did very well in access to computers, networks and software, but that in other ways we were lagging. The group was not of a mind as to the appropriate model. Some members thought that faculty should provide content, and others should provide the technical support for course development. Others felt that faculty should develop the expertise themselves. Faculty here have not availed themselves of the two day workshops offered by ICCEL in great numbers, and were encouraged to attend the two day workshop planned for June.

Dr. Brown will speak with the TLC about their interest in picking up some of the CELI initiatives, and the TLC will be invited to meet with the CIT on May 2. The location will probably be the Bib Lab, near the reference desk in the Library.

Rhoda K. Channing, Director
Z. Smith Reynolds Library