CIT, March 21, 2000

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Covey, Koop, McCoy, McCray, Norris, Titus, Wicker

The first discussions concerned the new load. MS Publisher was suggested and the CIT endorsed it. McCray said that currently Pagemaker is used to produce surveys, but that Publisher is better. The question of the Multilanguage Pack was raised and discussion has continued since the meeting. Members of the CIT present seemed very much in favor, but were concerned about faculty opinion from the language departments. Tim Covey brought up DAV vs. FrontPage. OSE poses many security issues, so IS will wait, but may pilot DAV next spring. The new Access seems to be an improvement as it is more SQL compliant, supports Unicode, Java and XML and has a publish-to-the-web wizard. Backward compatibility problems had been a concern to the CIT but except for macros conversion is possible. VBA code will work as well.

It appears that existing machines can be upgraded to Office 2000, but IS needs to develop a process for upgrading the software on existing machines.

The CIT discussed whether Acrobat should be fully loaded (not just the reader), and there were questions about the cost and the need. PDF extensions are very useful when putting long and complex documents on the web. Allin will look into pricing.

Printer issues with the 2030 and 5700 were raised and Tim indicated that a replacement model is being proposed.

The next meeting will be April 4.

Rhoda K. Channing, Director
Z. Smith Reynolds Library