CIT, February 15, 2000

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Dominick, King, Koop, Matthews, McCoy, McCray, Titus and Wicker

The major agenda item was a discussion of the software load for fall of 2000. There are some compatibility issues between our current version of MS Access and the Office 2000 version of Access. We don't know of a tool to help Access users migrate their data. Office 2000 is said to have better integration with the web. Jay Dominick asked for a sub-group to look at Office 2000. Volunteers were Mathews, Wicker, and McCray, and Jay will ask either Roz Tedford or Giz Womack to join the group. Over 60,000 bugs have been identified in Office 2000 and there is a risk to selecting it now.

McCray asked about having Lotus Screen Cam on the new load, as he has found it very helpful. Dominick will look into pricing. The rest of the load will be similar to this year's. Wicker suggested adding the Geometers Sketch Pad.

The model of TP for next hear has not been determined. It will have either a 13" or a 15" display, as there is a shortage of 14" panels!

Titus asked about the wireless pilot. Dominick reported on it, saying that our new system adheres to a standard (802.11), and that the usefulness of wireless has been increased because our new TPs have good battery life, about 3.5 hours. There is a trade-off between mobility and speed, and students differ on what they prefer.

The question of used TPs for faculty was raised and at present, with the schools, part-time faculty, and teaching assistants in the queue for the machines, other faculty are a lower priority. The problems of support and software upgrades for old machines were raised as well.

Channing distributed information about electronic books and the initiative in the NCSU Libraries to provide Rocket Books and SoftBooks to users. The Reynolds library is close to signing on to NetLibrary and making books available on the TP.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhoda K. Channing