CIT, February 1, 2000

Present: Channing, Cottrell, Koop, Matthews, McCoy, McCray, Norris (for Jay Dominick), Titus and Wicker

The first item of business was the dissolution of the course shells subcommittee. Now Blackboard will contact Rob McCartney or Rosalind Tedford rather that Gordon McCray.

Harry Titus then raised the question of the planning for the wireless project, and the lack of discussion of this initiative by the CIT. It isn't clear what is envisioned for wireless on campus in future.

Gordon McCray alerted the CIT to the need for some thought and planning to make technology usable for people with disabilities.

The major agenda item was mail security. Lee Norris spoke about encryption, authentication, and SSL (secure socket layer) options and described the processes. We don't have an active certificate server running now, but could issue them. It isn't a high priority at IS because of lack of demand. Rick Matthews added that as e-mail has become so vital, secure e-mail will become more important. Just now it is too costly. Lee said IS is looking at firewall types of structures to protect servers from hackers. There is a persistent problem of students falsifying their identity on e-mail.

Allin Cottrell asked about secure sessions. IS has a secure FTP and Telnet, and other ways to increase protection could be a secure shell or Kerberos.

The next meeting will be on February 15 at 3pm.

Rhoda K. Channing